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* Hex-Rays Decompiler project
* Copyright (c) 2007-2024 by Hex-Rays,
* Sample plugin for Hex-Rays Decompiler.
* It automatically replaces zeroes in pointer contexts with NULLs.
* For example, expression like
* funcptr = 0;
* will be displayed as
* funcptr = nullptr;
* Due to highly dynamic nature of the decompier output, we must
* use the decompiler events to accomplish the task. The plugin will
* wait for the ctree structure to be ready in the memory and will
* replace zeroes in pointer contexts with NULLs.
#include <hexrays.hpp>
static const char nodename[] = "$ hexrays NULLs";
static const char null_type[] = "MACRO_NULL";
// Is the plugin enabled?
// The user can disable it. The plugin will save the on/off switch in the
// current database.
static bool is_enabled(void)
netnode n(nodename); // use a netnode to save the state
return n.altval(0) == 0; // if the long value is positive, then disabled
struct plugin_ctx_t : public plugmod_t
bool enabled = is_enabled();
msg("The %s plugin is %s.",
enabled ? "ENABLED" : "DISABLED");
remove_hexrays_callback(hr_callback, nullptr);
virtual bool idaapi run(size_t) override;
static ssize_t idaapi hr_callback(
void *ud,
hexrays_event_t event,
va_list va);
static void enable_disable(bool enable)
if ( enable )
install_hexrays_callback(hr_callback, nullptr);
remove_hexrays_callback(hr_callback, nullptr);
// If the expression is zero, convert it to nullptr
static void make_null_if_zero(cexpr_t *e)
if ( e->is_zero_const() && !e->type.is_ptr() )
{ // this is plain zero, convert it
number_format_t &nf = e->n->nf;
nf.flags = enum_flag();
nf.serial = 0;
nf.props |= NF_VALID;
nf.type_name = null_type;
e->type.get_named_type(nullptr, null_type, BTF_ENUM);
// Convert zeroes of the ctree to NULLs
static void convert_zeroes(cfunc_t *cfunc)
// To represent NULLs, we will use the MACRO_NULL enumeration
// Normally it is present in the loaded tils but let's verify it
if ( !get_named_type(nullptr, null_type, NTF_TYPE) )
msg("%s type is missing, cannot convert zeroes to NULLs\n", null_type);
// We derive a helper class from ctree_visitor_t
// The ctree_visitor_t is a base class to derive
// ctree walker classes.
// You have to redefine some virtual functions
// to do the real job. Here we redefine visit_expr() since we want
// to examine and modify expressions.
struct ida_local zero_converter_t : public ctree_visitor_t
zero_converter_t(void) : ctree_visitor_t(CV_FAST) {}
int idaapi visit_expr(cexpr_t *e) override
// verify if the current expression has pointer expressions
// we handle the following patterns:
// A. ptr = 0;
// B. func(0); where argument is a pointer
// C. ptr op 0 where op is a comparison
switch ( e->op )
case cot_asg: // A
if ( e->x->type.is_ptr() )
case cot_call: // B
carglist_t &args = *e->a;
for ( int i=0; i < args.size(); i++ ) // check all arguments
carg_t &a = args[i];
if ( a.formal_type.is_ptr_or_array() )
case cot_eq: // C
case cot_ne:
case cot_sge:
case cot_uge:
case cot_sle:
case cot_ule:
case cot_sgt:
case cot_ugt:
case cot_slt:
case cot_ult:
// check both sides for zeroes
if ( e->y->type.is_ptr() )
if ( e->x->type.is_ptr() )
return 0; // continue walking the tree
zero_converter_t zc;
// walk the whole function body
zc.apply_to(&cfunc->body, nullptr);
// This callback will detect when the ctree is ready to be displayed
// and call convert_zeroes() to create NULLs
ssize_t idaapi plugin_ctx_t::hr_callback(
void *,
hexrays_event_t event,
va_list va)
if ( event == hxe_maturity )
cfunc_t *cfunc = va_arg(va, cfunc_t*);
ctree_maturity_t mat = va_argi(va, ctree_maturity_t);
if ( mat == CMAT_FINAL ) // ctree is ready, time to convert zeroes to NULLs
return 0;
// Initialize the plugin.
static plugmod_t *idaapi init()
return nullptr; // no decompiler
const char *hxver = get_hexrays_version();
msg("Hex-rays version %s has been detected, %s ready to use\n",
hxver, PLUGIN.wanted_name);
return new plugin_ctx_t;
bool idaapi plugin_ctx_t::run(size_t)
// since all real work is done in the callbacks, use the main plugin entry
// to turn it on and off.
// display a message explaining the purpose of the plugin:
static const char *const format =
"Sample plugin for Hex-Rays decompiler.\n"
"This plugin is fully automatic.\n"
"It detects zeroes in pointer contexts and converts them into NULLs.\n"
"The current state of the plugin is: %s";
int code = ask_buttons("~E~nable",
is_enabled() ? "ENABLED" : "DISABLED");
switch ( code )
case -1: // close
case 0: // disable
case 1: // enable
bool enable = code != 0;
netnode n;
n.altset(0, enable ? 0 : 1);
info("The %s plugin has been %s.",
enable ? "ENABLED" : "DISABLED");
return true;
static char comment[] = "Sample2 plugin for Hex-Rays decompiler";
plugin_t PLUGIN =
PLUGIN_MULTI, // The plugin can work with multiple idbs in parallel
init, // initialize
comment, // long comment about the plugin
nullptr, // multiline help about the plugin
"Hex-Rays NULL converter", // the preferred short name of the plugin
nullptr, // the preferred hotkey to run the plugin
#define CV_FAST
do not maintain parent information
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5795
#define NF_VALID
internal bit: stroff or enum is valid for enums: this bit is set immediately for stroffs: this bit is...
Definition: hexrays.hpp:792
HexRays SDK header file.
bool init_hexrays_plugin(int flags=0)
Check that your plugin is compatible with hex-rays decompiler.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:8601
Ctree maturity level.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5935
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5944
@ cot_call
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5594
@ cot_ule
x <= y unsigned
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5564
@ cot_sgt
x > y signed or fpu (see EXFL_FPOP)
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5565
@ cot_asg
x = y
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5539
@ cot_slt
x < y signed or fpu (see EXFL_FPOP)
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5567
@ cot_eq
x == y int or fpu (see EXFL_FPOP)
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5559
@ cot_ne
x != y int or fpu (see EXFL_FPOP)
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5560
@ cot_ult
x < y unsigned
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5568
@ cot_uge
x >= y unsigned
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5562
@ cot_sle
x <= y signed or fpu (see EXFL_FPOP)
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5563
@ cot_sge
x >= y signed or fpu (see EXFL_FPOP)
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5561
@ cot_ugt
x > y unsigned
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5566
bool install_hexrays_callback(hexrays_cb_t *callback, void *ud)
Install handler for decompiler events.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:12363
int remove_hexrays_callback(hexrays_cb_t *callback, void *ud)
Uninstall handler for decompiler events.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:12369
void term_hexrays_plugin()
Stop working with hex-rays decompiler.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:8609
const char * get_hexrays_version()
Get decompiler version.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:11511
Function argument.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6577
tinfo_t formal_type
formal parameter type (if known)
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6579
Function argument list.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6594
Ctree item: expression.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6113
carglist_t * a
argument list (used for cot_call)
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6133
bool is_zero_const() const
Check if the expression is a zero.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6315
cnumber_t * n
used for cot_num
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6116
cexpr_t * y
the second operand of the expression
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6132
cexpr_t * x
the first operand of the expression
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6129
tinfo_t type
expression type. must be carefully maintained
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6148
Decompiled function. Decompilation result is kept here.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6947
cinsn_t body
function body, must be a block
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6950
ctype_t op
item type
Definition: hexrays.hpp:6071
number_format_t nf
how to represent it
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5741
A generic helper class that is used for ctree traversal.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5790
virtual int visit_expr(cexpr_t *)
Visit an expression.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:5872
Number representation.
Definition: hexrays.hpp:780
qstring type_name
for stroffs: structure for offsetof() for enums: enum name
Definition: hexrays.hpp:798
char props
properties: combination of NF_ bits (Number format property bits)
Definition: hexrays.hpp:783
uchar serial
for enums: constant serial number
Definition: hexrays.hpp:796
flags64_t flags
ida flags, which describe number radix, enum, etc
Definition: hexrays.hpp:800