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 Action    name: ChartXrefsUser
This command displays a user-defined graph of xrefs from/to the current address/range of selected addresses in the program.

The direction of the xrefs to analyze can be chosen. If the Recursive flag is checked, all found xrefs are themselves analyzed to find new xrefs. You can choose to search for xrefs to new referenced addresses only in the current direction. Only External, data xrefs, xrefs from library functions and to library functions can possibly be ignored.

A recursion depth can be specified. If 'Print recursion dots' is checked, and a function has others xrefs outside of the range defined by the 'recursion depth' setting, small nodes containing dots are printed.

The 'Print comments' flag causes the generated function node to also contain the function comment.

The addresses are represented as nodes. The xrefs are represented as edges between nodes. The used colors are the same as in IDA.

See also View|Graphs submenu.

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