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 Action    name: ProduceExe
Enter a file name for the new executable file. Usually this command is used after patching (see commands Patch byte and Patch word) to obtain a patched version of the file.

IDA produces executable files only for:

  - MS DOS .exe
  - MS DOS .com
  - MS DOS .drv
  - MS DOS .sys
  - general binary
  - Intel Hex Object Format
  - MOS Technology Hex Object Format
For other file formats please create a difference file.

NOTE: only Patch byte/word commands affect the executable file contents, other commands (including User-Specified String for the #th Operand) will not affect the content of the disassembled file.

EXE files: Output files will have the same EXE-header and relocation table as the input file. IDA will fill unused ranges of the EXE file (e.g. between relocation table and loadable pages) with zeroes.

See also

         File|Produce output file submenu,
         Edit|Patch core submenu.
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