IDA 6.9: Qt 5.4.1 configure options & patch

A handful of our users have already requested information regarding the Qt 5.4.1 build, that is shipped with IDA 6.9. Configure options Here are the options that were used to build the libraries on: Windows: …\5.4.1\configure.bat “-debug-and-release” “-nomake” “tests” “-qtnamespace” “QT” “-confirm-license” “-accessibility” “-platform” “win32-msvc2015” “-opengl” “desktop” “-force-debug-info” “-prefix” “C:/Qt/5.4.1” Note that you will have […]

Installing IDA 6.9 on Linux

IDA is still, as of this writing (December 23rd, 2015), a 32-bit application and both IDA & its installer(*) require certain 32-bit libraries to be present on your Linux system before they can run. Here is the list of commands you will have to run in order to install those dependencies, for the following systems: […]

Hack of the day #0: Somewhat-automating pseudocode HTML generation, with IDAPython.

The problem As you may already know1, Hex-Rays decompilers can generate HTML files from pseudocode windows. That feature, however, is limited to generating HTML for a single function, or a portion of a function. Recently, one of our customers asked us whether there was a way to generate HTML files for multiple functions all at once. I […]

IDAPython + PySide/PyQt: future plans

Intended audience IDAPython plugin writers who are using the PySide Qt bindings. PySide: some background For some time now it has been possible, through IDAPython, to use PySide bindings to the Qt libraries that are shipped with IDA. Those PySide bindings were first placed on Hex-Rays’s website and, since we noticed a considerable interest for them, we later […]

Vulnerability fix for bTree engine

Just a quick note for all IDA users. We published a fix for potential vulnerability in IDA. Please check out It does not seem to be exploitable but we prefer to be on the safe side. Feel free to download and copy it to your plugins subdirectory. The plugin will validate all opened […]

Installing PIP packages, and using them from IDA on a 64-bit machine

Recently, one of our customers came to us asking how he should proceed to be able to install python packages, using PIP, and use those from IDA. The issue he was facing is that his system is a 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 VM. Therefore using the Ubuntu-bundled PIP will just result in installing the desired package (let’s say […]

Recon 2012: Compiler Internals

This year I again was lucky to present at Recon in Montreal. There were many great talks as usual. I combined the topic of my last year’s talk on C++ reversing and my OpenRCE article on Visual C++ internals. New material was implementation of exceptions and RTTI in MSVC x64 and GCC (including Apple’s […]

The trace replayer

One of the new features that will be available in the next version of IDA is a trace re-player. This pseudo-debugger allows to re-play execution traces of programs debugged in IDA. The replayer debugger allows replaying traces recorded with any of the currently supported debuggers, ranging from local Linux or win32 debuggers to remote GDB targets. Currently […]

Recon 2011: Practical C++ Decompilation

Last month I visited the Recon conference and had a great time again. I gave a talk on C++ decompilation and how to handle it in IDA and Hex-Rays decompiler. You can get the slides here, and download the recorded talk here. Edit: for some reason the streaming version does […]

Challenging job for software developers

We should permanently and prominently publish this ad on our site 🙂 We are looking for strong software engineers to join our team and participate in the development of unique software security tools. The candidates must know low-level details of modern software as well as high-level data structures and algorithms. Requirements: strong knowledge of C/C++ knowledge of the x86 […]