IDA Pro 5.5 and Hex-Rays 1.1 have been released!

IDA Pro 5.5 We are happy to announce a new version of IDA Pro! The major news is the new docking user interface. There are many other improvements: processor modules, file formats, analysis tweaks, well, the usual stuff. There is a new MS Windows Crash Dump Loader and improved Bochs debugger. The complete list of new features and bug fixes […]

Decompilation gets real

Analyzing binary executables can be a very boring activity, especially when you get used to the regular patterns. You see the same things again and again. A tool to automate the analysis or diminish the amount of text to browse quickly becomes a dream.

Stealth plugin

The last time I showed you a simple trick with conditional breakpoints. Today I will present you a plugin which automates these breakpoints – to the extent that a protected malware like the Zotob worm can be unpacked.


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