IDA: What's new in 6.4

Changes for the build 6.4.130306

This is a bugfix release, fixing various minor issues in the original 6.4 release.

Changes for the build 6.4.130110 (original release)

New instructions for the PC module

Intel chips with AVX support has been available for a while, and now we have added support for this x86 extension. We also added support for extensions which are not yet available but have been announced: AVX2, FMA, BMI1, BMI2, F16C, ADX, RDSEED, SMAP, INVPCID and RTM

DWARF debugging info support

DWARF debugging info is used by GCC and many other compilers. We added support for it: now IDA can import not only the symbol names, but also the type information. Source-level debugging is possible too (x86 only). Currently only ELF and Mach-O for x86, x64 and ARM are supported but we plan to extend the list. Because there are quite many DWARF-producing compilers & tools, your favourite platform might not be supported yet, so be sure to let us know if you use it with other formats or processors!

Source-level debugging on x86.
AMD 64 is supported, too.
ARM support (work in progress).
Types imported/re-created from the DWARF information.

PIN tracing and debugging

PIN is a dynamic instrumentation framework from Intel. We have made a debugger module that uses it for tracing and debugging. Since it does not use the regular debugging APIs, it avoids many of their problems. Also it is much faster for tracing the execution.

Configuring the PIN tracer module.
Tracing results.

Other debugging improvements

Multiple UI improvements

We took our time to address many of the minor feature requests and annoyances to improve usability. For example: