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6502 and 65C02 Disassembler

IDA is the most powerful existing 6502 disassembler. Companies such as Commodore, Atari and Apple have used the 6502 and 65c02 design. If you are looking for additional information or even less powerful disassemblers, we recommend, a very useful 6502 resource center.

Assembler code
seg000:0065 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- seg000:0065 CMP $3E8 seg000:0068 CMP $3E8,X seg000:006B CMP $3E8,Y seg000:006E CMP 0,X seg000:0071 CMP $FF,X seg000:0073 CPX #0 seg000:0075 CPX #$FF seg000:0077 CPX byte_64 seg000:0079 CPX $3E8 seg000:007C CPY #0 seg000:007E CPY #$FF seg000:0080 CPY byte_64 seg000:0082 CPY $3E8 seg000:0085 DEC byte_64 seg000:0087 DEC $3E8 seg000:008A DEC $3E8,X seg000:008D DEC 0,X seg000:0090 DEC $FF,X seg000:0092 DEX seg000:0093 DEY seg000:0094 EOR #0 seg000:0096 EOR #$FF seg000:0098 EOR ($64),Y seg000:009A EOR ($64,X) seg000:009C EOR byte_64 seg000:009E EOR $3E8 seg000:00A1 EOR $3E8,X seg000:00A4 EOR $3E8,Y seg000:00A7 EOR 0,X seg000:00AA EOR $FF,X seg000:00AC INC byte_64 seg000:00AE INC $3E8 seg000:00B1 INC $3E8,X seg000:00B4 INC 0,X