IDA Disassemblies Gallery

6301, 6303, 6800, 6801 and 6803 Disassembler

IDA is the most powerful disassembler available for the 6803 microcontroller family.

Assembler code
RAM:0098 fcb 3 RAM:0099 fcb $E8 ; è RAM:009A fcb $C8 ; È RAM:009B fcb 0 RAM:009C ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- RAM:009C eorb #$FF RAM:009E eorb byte_64 RAM:00A1 eorb 0,x RAM:00A3 eorb $FF,x RAM:00A5 eorb byte_3E8 RAM:00A8 ldaa #0 RAM:00AA ldaa #$FF RAM:00AC ldaa byte_64 RAM:00AF ldaa 0,x RAM:00B1 ldaa $FF,x RAM:00B3 ldaa byte_3E8 RAM:00B6 ldab #0 RAM:00B8 ldab #$FF RAM:00BA ldab byte_64 RAM:00BD ldab 0,x RAM:00BF ldab $FF,x RAM:00C1 ldab byte_3E8 RAM:00C4 oraa #0 RAM:00C6 oraa #$FF RAM:00C8 oraa byte_64 RAM:00CB oraa 0,x RAM:00CD oraa $FF,x RAM:00CF oraa byte_3E8 RAM:00D2 orab #0 RAM:00D4 orab #$FF RAM:00D6 orab byte_64 RAM:00D9 orab 0,x RAM:00DB orab $FF,x RAM:00DD orab byte_3E8 RAM:00E0 staa byte_64