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6805 Disassembler

The 6805 microcontroller family is Motorola’s simplest and least-expensive family of microcontrollers. As usual there were many variations of the chips and the part numbers usually contain letter and digits, like 68HC05. IDA is the most powerful disassembler available for those microcontrollers.

68HC05B6, 68HC05B8, 68HC05B16, 68HC705B16, 68HC05B32, 68HC705B32, 68HC05BD5, 68HC05C8A, 68HC705C8A, 68HC05C9A, 68HC705C9A, 68HC705F32, 68HC05J1A, 68HC705J1A, ,68HC05J5A, 68HC705J5A, 68HC05JB3, 68HC705JB3, 68HC05JB4, 68HC705JB4, 68HC05JJ6, ,68HC705JJ7, 68HC05JP6, 68HC705JP7, 68HC05K3, 68HC705KJ1, 68HC05L16, 68HC705L16, ,68HC05L25, 68HC05LJ5, 68HC05P18A, 68HC05P4A, 68HC05P6, 68HC705P6A, 68HC05PV8A, ,68HC805PV8, 68HC05SR3, 68HC705SR3, 68HC05SU3A, 68HC05X4, 68HC705X4, 68HC05X16, ,68HC05X32, 68HC705X32.

Assembler code
RESERVED:01DC fcb $BF ; ¿ RESERVED:01DD fcb $64 ; d RESERVED:01DE fcb $CF ; Ï RESERVED:01DF fcb 3 RESERVED:01E0 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESERVED:01E0 eorb $97,x RESERVED:01E2 sts <byte_9D RESERVED:01E4 suba #$81 RESERVED:01E6 subd #$8F98 RESERVED:01E9 oraa <byte_9C RESERVED:01EB adca <byte_9B RESERVED:01ED lds #$200E RESERVED:01F0 brn loc_1FE RESERVED:01F2 bhi loc_1FE RESERVED:01F4 bls loc_1FE RESERVED:01F6 bcc loc_1FE RESERVED:01F8 bcc loc_1FE RESERVED:01FA bcs loc_1FE RESERVED:01FC bcs *+2 RESERVED:01FE RESERVED:01FE loc_1FE: ; CODE XREF: RESERVED:01F0↑j RESERVED:01FE ; RESERVED:01F2↑j ... RESERVED:01FE bne loc_1FE RESERVED:0200 beq loc_1FE RESERVED:0202 bvc loc_1FE RESERVED:0204 bvs loc_1FE RESERVED:0206 bpl loc_1FE RESERVED:0208 bmi loc_1FE RESERVED:020A bge loc_1FE RESERVED:020C blt loc_1FE RESERVED:020E bgt loc_1FE RESERVED:0210 ble loc_1FE RESERVED:0212 jsr $EA,x RESERVED:0212 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESERVED:0214 fcb 0