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6809 Disassembler

FLEX is the name of the Operating System for the Motorola 6800 and 6809. IDA can disassemble OS9 object and FLEX STX files

Assembler code
TEXT:102F bcs loc_1065 TEXT:1031 leax ,u TEXT:1033 TEXT:1033 loc_1033 * CODE XREF: start+25↓j TEXT:1033 clr ,x+ TEXT:1035 subd #1 TEXT:1038 bhi loc_1033 TEXT:103A stu $80 TEXT:103C ldd ,s++ TEXT:103E std $B0 TEXT:1040 ldd ,s++ TEXT:1042 leax d,u TEXT:1044 stx $82 TEXT:1046 ldd $B0 TEXT:1048 leax d,x TEXT:104A stx $B0 TEXT:104C ldx $88 TEXT:104E OS9 F$All64 * '0' * Allocate Process/Path Descriptor TEXT:1051 bcs loc_1065 TEXT:1053 stx $88 TEXT:1055 OS9 F$Ret64 * '1' * Return Process/Path Descriptor TEXT:1058 leax word_16A2,pc TEXT:105C stx $26 TEXT:105E leay word_1067,pc TEXT:1061 OS9 F$SSvc * '2' * Service Request Table Initialization TEXT:1064 rts TEXT:1065 * --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEXT:1065 TEXT:1065 loc_1065 * CODE XREF: start+1C↑j TEXT:1065 * start+3E↑j TEXT:1065 jmp $6B TEXT:1065 * End of function start TEXT:1065 TEXT:1065 * --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEXT:1067 word_1067 fdb $7F00 * DATA XREF: start+4B↑r