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6811 Disassembler

The 68HC11 is a powerful 8-bit data, 16-bit address microcontroller from Motorola. IDA is, without any doubts, the most powerful 6811 disassembler. Here are a few part numbers of that huge family: 68HC11D0, 68HC11D3, 68HC711D3, 68HC11E0, 68HC11E1, 68HC11E9, 68HC11EA9, 68HC711E9, 68HC11E20, 68HC711E20, 68HC11F1, 68HC11K0, 68HC11K1, 68HC11K4, 68HC11KS1, 68HC11KS2, 68HC711KS2, 68HC11P1, 68HC11P2.

Assembler code
RAM:00B4 asl $B4,y RAM:00B7 asl $88,y RAM:00BA RAM:00BA loc_BA: ; DATA XREF: RAM:loc_BA↓w RAM:00BA asl loc_BA RAM:00BD asl word_8888 RAM:00C0 asra RAM:00C1 asrb RAM:00C2 asr word_8888 RAM:00C5 asr word_8888 RAM:00C8 asr 0,x RAM:00CA asr $CA,x RAM:00CC asr $88,x RAM:00CE asr 0,y RAM:00D1 asr $D1,y RAM:00D4 asr $88,y RAM:00D7 RAM:00D7 loc_D7: ; DATA XREF: RAM:loc_D7↓w RAM:00D7 asr loc_D7 RAM:00DA asr word_8888 RAM:00DD bclr $DD,x 0 RAM:00E0 bclr $E0,x $88 ; 'ˆ' RAM:00E3 bclr $88,x $88 ; 'ˆ' RAM:00E6 bclr $E6,y $88 ; 'ˆ' RAM:00EA bclr $88,y $88 ; 'ˆ' RAM:00EE bita #0 RAM:00F0 RAM:00F0 loc_F0: ; DATA XREF: RAM:loc_F0↓r RAM:00F0 bita <loc_F0 RAM:00F2 bita 0,x RAM:00F4 bita $F4,x RAM:00F6 bita $88,x RAM:00F8 bita 0,y RAM:00FB bita $FB,y RAM:00FB ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------