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68k Amiga Disassembler

IDA is the best disassembler for Amiga hunk files. The Motorola 68K family of processors is huge and very widely used. A few sample parts: MC68000, MC68010, MC68020, MC68030, MC68040, MC68330, MC68882, MC68851, MC68020EX, MC68302 Integrated Communication Processor, MC68306 68K/ColdFire, MC68331 68K/ColdFire, MC68332 68K/ColdFire, MC68336 68K/ColdFire, MC68340 68K/ColdFire, MC68360 Integrated Communication Processor, MC68F375 68K/ColdFire, MC68376 68K/ColdFire, etc….

Assembler code
CODE:00010190 CODE:00010190 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= CODE:00010190 CODE:00010190 CODE:00010190 waitmsg: ; CODE XREF: startup+DE↑p CODE:00010190 lea $5C(a4),a0 CODE:00010194 jsr -$180(a6) CODE:00010198 lea $5C(a4),a0 CODE:0001019C jsr -$174(a6) CODE:000101A0 rts CODE:000101A0 ; End of function waitmsg CODE:000101A0 CODE:000101A2 CODE:000101A2 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= CODE:000101A2 CODE:000101A2 CODE:000101A2 openDOS: ; CODE XREF: startup:fromCLI↑p CODE:000101A2 ; startup:fromWorkbench↑p CODE:000101A2 CODE:000101A2 ; FUNCTION CHUNK AT CODE:00010176 SIZE 0000001A BYTES CODE:000101A2 CODE:000101A2 clr.l (_DOSBase).l CODE:000101A8 lea (DOSName).l,a1 ; "dos.library" CODE:000101AE move.l #$1E,d0 CODE:000101B4 jsr -$228(a6) CODE:000101B8 move.l d0,(_DOSBase).l CODE:000101BE beq.s noDOS CODE:000101C0 rts CODE:000101C0 ; End of function openDOS CODE:000101C0 CODE:000101C0 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CODE:000101C2 align 4 CODE:000101C2 ; end of 'CODE' CODE:000101C2 DATA:000101D0 ; =========================================================================== DATA:000101D0 DATA:000101D0 ; Segment type: Pure data DATA:000101D0 ; segment "DATA" DATA:000101D0 VerRev: dc.l startup