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68k Palm Pilot

IDA is the best disassembler for Palm Pilot programs. It supports all Palm OS versions and will even accept partially packed programs. The Palm Pilot uses a 68K processor.

The Motorola 68K family of processors is huge and very widely used. A few sample parts: MC68000, MC68010, MC68020, MC68030, MC68040, MC68330, MC68882, MC68851, MC68020EX, MC68302 Integrated Communication Processor, MC68306 68K/ColdFire, MC68331 68K/ColdFire, MC68332 68K/ColdFire, MC68336 68K/ColdFire, MC68340 68K/ColdFire, MC68360 Integrated Communication Processor, MC68F375 68K/ColdFire, MC68376 68K/ColdFire, etc.

Assembler code
code0001:00000204 code0001:00000204 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= code0001:00000204 code0001:00000204 ; Attributes: bp-based frame code0001:00000204 code0001:00000204 proc sub_204() ; CODE XREF: sub_31E+A0↓p code0001:00000204 code0001:00000204 var_68 = -$68 code0001:00000204 var_50 = -$50 code0001:00000204 arg_0 = 8 code0001:00000204 arg_8 = $10 code0001:00000204 arg_A = $12 code0001:00000204 code0001:00000204 link a6,#-$50 code0001:00000208 movem.l d3-d6/a2-a3,-(sp) code0001:0000020C movea.l arg_0(a6),a3 code0001:00000210 move.w arg_8(a6),d0 code0001:00000214 beq.s loc_222 code0001:00000216 addi.w #-$8000,d0 code0001:0000021A clr.l d4 code0001:0000021C move.w d0,d4 code0001:0000021E bra loc_224 code0001:00000222 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- code0001:00000222 code0001:00000222 loc_222: ; CODE XREF: sub_204+10↑j code0001:00000222 moveq #0,d4 code0001:00000224 code0001:00000224 loc_224: ; CODE XREF: sub_204+1A↑j code0001:00000224 move.w d4,-(sp) code0001:00000226 move.l #$636F6465,-(sp) code0001:0000022C systrap DmGet1Resource() code0001:00000230 move.l a0,d5 code0001:00000232 addq.w #6,sp code0001:00000234 bne.s loc_272 code0001:00000236 lea aCouldNotLoadCo(pc),a1 ; "Could not load code segment #"