IDA Disassemblies Gallery

NEC 78k0 and 78k0s Processor

These NEC microcontrollers are available under many part numbers, which are all supported by the IDA Disassembler. IDA is the most powerful disassembler available for that line.

uPD78075B, uPD78078, uPD78078Y, uPD78070A, uPD78070AY, uPD780058, uPD780058Y, uPD780065, uPD780078, uPD780078Y, uPD780034AS, uPD780024AS uPD780034A, uPD780024A, uPD780034AY, uPD780024AY, uPD780988, uPD780208, uPD780232, uPD78044F, uPD780354, uPD780344, uPD780354Y, uPD780344Y, uPD780338, uPD780328, uPD780318, uPD780308, uPD780308Y, uPD78064B, uPD78064, uPD78064Y, uPD78098B, uPD780702Y, uPD780833Y, uPD780958, uPD780852, uPD780828B, uPD780101, uPD780102, uPD780103, uPD78F010
uPD789046, uPD789026, uPD789074, uPD789088, uPD789062, uPD789052, uPD789177Y, uPD789167Y, uPD789177, uPD789167, uPD789134A, uPD789124A, uPD789114A, uPD789104A, uPD789842, uPD789417A, uPD789407A, uPD789456, uPD789446, uPD789436, uPD789426, uPD789316, uPD789306, uPD789467, uPD789327, uPD789835, uPD789830, uPD789479, uPD789489, uPD789800, uPD789862, uPD789861, uPD789860, uPD789850, uPD789871, uPD789881, uPD78F9026, uPD78F9046, uPD78F9076, uPD78F9116, uPD78F9136, uPD78F9177, uPD78F9306, uPD78F9316, uPD78F9328, uPD78F9418, uPDF78F9436, uPD78F9456, uPD78F9468, uPD78F9478, uPD78F9488, uPD78F9801, uPD78F9842, uPD78F9850.
Assembler code
ROM_:00B9 set1 CY ROM_:00BA set1 byte_FED3.00h ROM_:00BC set1 byte_FED7.00h ROM_:00BE set1 byte_FEDB.00h ROM_:00C0 set1 byte_FEDF.00h ROM_:00C2 set1 byte_FEDD.00h ROM_:00C4 callt [word_54] ROM_:00C5 set1 CY ROM_:00C6 incw AX ROM_:00C7 incw DE ROM_:00C8 add byte_FE8C, #90h ROM_:00CB decw DE ROM_:00CC sub byte_FE9C, #00h ROM_:00CF movw AX, #1202h ROM_:00D2 set1 CR00.00h ; 16-bit timer capture/compare register 00 ROM_:00D4 callt [word_64] ROM_:00D5 set1 SIO30.00h ; Serial I/O shift register 30 ROM_:00D7 callt [word_64] ROM_:00D8 set1 byte_FE2A.00h ROM_:00DA callt [word_64] ROM_:00DB set1 byte_FE3A.00h ROM_:00DD callt [word_64] ROM_:00DE set1 byte_FE4A.00h ROM_:00E0 callt [word_64] ROM_:00E1 set1 byte_FE5A.00h ROM_:00E3 callt [word_64] ROM_:00E4 set1 byte_FE6A.00h ROM_:00E6 callt [word_64] ROM_:00E7 set1 byte_FE7A.00h ROM_:00E9 callt [word_64] ROM_:00EA set1 CR00.00h ; 16-bit timer capture/compare register 00 ROM_:00EA ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROM_:00EC .db 15h ROM_:00ED .db 0Ah ROM_:00EE .db 1Ah