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TMS 320c6 COFF File Format

Assembler code
.text:00008FC0 .text:00008FC0 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= .text:00008FC0 .text:00008FC0 .text:00008FC0 _main: ; CODE XREF: start:loc_8EB8↑p .text:00008FC0 B .S1 _printf .text:00008FC4 NOP 2 .text:00008FC8 .text:00008FC8 MVK .S1 0FFFF9148h, A0 .text:00008FCC || STW .D2 B3, *B15--[3] .text:00008FD0 .text:00008FD0 STW .D2 A10, *B15[2] .text:00008FD4 || MVKH .S1 0, A0 .text:00008FD8 || MVK .S2 (loc_8FE8 & 0FFFFh), B3 .text:00008FDC || NOP .text:00008FE0 .text:00008FE0 STW .D2 A0, *B15[1] .text:00008FE4 || MVKH .S2 (loc_8FE8 >> 16), B3 .text:00008FE4 ; CALL _printf OCCURS .text:00008FE8 .text:00008FE8 loc_8FE8: ; DATA XREF: _main+18↑o .text:00008FE8 ; _main+24↑o .text:00008FE8 ZERO .L1 A10 .text:00008FEC MV .L1 A10, A4 .text:00008FF0 LDW .D2 *B15[2], A10 .text:00008FF4 LDW .D2 *++B15[3], B3 .text:00008FF8 NOP 4 .text:00008FFC B .S2 B3 .text:00009000 NOP 5 .text:00009000 ; BRANCH OCCURS .text:00009000 ; End of function _main .text:00009000 .text:00009000 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- .text:00009004 .align 20h .text:00009020 ; [00000038 BYTES: COLLAPSED FUNCTION _strchr. PRESS CTRL-NUMPAD+ TO EXPAND]