State-of-the-art binary code analysis tools

This command opens the standard dialog box with the cross references to the current item. The user may select a cross reference and jump to it. If the cross-reference address belongs to a function, it will be decompiled. Otherwise, IDA will switch to the disassembly view.

For local variables, the following cross reference types are defined:

  r  Read
  w  Write
  rw Read/Write
  o  Reference

It is also possible to jump to structure fields. All local references to a field of a structure type will be displayed.

If the item under the cursor is a label, a list of all references to the label will be displayed.

Finally, xrefs to statment types are possible too. For example, a list of all return statements of the current function can be obtained by pressing X on a return statment. All statements with keywords are supported.

See also: interactive operation