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Latest news:
12 Nov 2019
IDA and Decompilers v7.4 SP1 have been released
11 Oct 2019
IDA and Decompilers v7.4 have been released
23 Sep 2019
Our annual contest is over, congrats to the winners.
14 Jun 2019
IDA and Decompilers v7.3 have been released
5 Nov 2018
IDA and Decompilers v7.2 have been released

Hex-Rays is a private hi-tech company independent of government agencies and stock market influence, and we are focused on binary software analysis. We strive to deliver fast, stable, and robust products and provide excellent customer service.

Our products

IDA is the Interactive DisAssembler: the world's smartest and most feature-full disassembler, used by software security specialists worldwide.

Written entirely in C++, IDA runs on the three major operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

IDA is also the solid foundation on which our second product, the Hex-Rays decompiler, is built.

The unique Hex-Rays decompiler delivers on the promise of high level representation of binary executables. It can handle real world code. It is real.

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