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Module ida_strlist

IDA Plugin SDK API wrapper: strlist


def build_strlist(*args) ‑> void
Rebuild the string list.
def clear_strlist(*args) ‑> void
Clear the string list.
def get_strlist_item(*args) ‑> bool
Get nth element of the string list (n=0.. 'get_strlist_qty()' -1)
get_strlist_item(si, n) -> bool
si (C++: string_info_t *)
n (C++: size_t)
def get_strlist_options(*args) ‑> strwinsetup_t const *
Get the static string list options.
def get_strlist_qty(*args) ‑> size_t
Get number of elements in the string list. The list will be loaded from the database (if saved) or built from scratch.


class string_info_t (*args)
Proxy of C++ string_info_t class.
__init__(self) -> string_info_t
_ea: ea_t

Instance variables

var ea
string_info_t_ea_get(self) -> ea_t
var length
string_info_t_length_get(self) -> int
var type
string_info_t_type_get(self) -> int
class strwinsetup_t (*args)
Proxy of C++ strwinsetup_t class.
__init__(self) -> strwinsetup_t

Instance variables

var display_only_existing_strings
strwinsetup_t_display_only_existing_strings_get(self) -> uchar
var ignore_heads
strwinsetup_t_ignore_heads_get(self) -> uchar
var minlen
strwinsetup_t_minlen_get(self) -> sval_t
var only_7bit
strwinsetup_t_only_7bit_get(self) -> uchar
var strtypes : PyObject *
_get_strtypes(self) -> PyObject *