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IDA Pro can disassemble all popular file formats. The list contains some, but not all, of the file types handled by IDA Pro.

  • MS DOS
  • EXE File
  • MS DOS COM File
  • MS DOS Driver
  • New Executable (NE)
  • Linear Executable (LX)
  • Linear Executable (LE)
  • Portable Executable (PE) (x86, x64, ARM, etc)
  • Windows CE PE (ARM, SH-3, SH-4, MIPS)
  • Mach-O for OS X and iOS (x86, x64, ARM and PPC)
  • Dalvik Executable (DEX)
  • EPOC (Symbian OS executable)
  • Windows Crash Dump (DMP)
  • XBOX Executable (XBE)
  • Intel Hex Object File
  • MOS Technology Hex Object File
  • Netware Loadable Module (NLM)
  • Common Object File Format (COFF)
  • Binary File
  • Object Module Format (OMF)
  • OMF library
  • S-record format
  • ZIP archive
  • JAR archive
  • Executable and Linkable Format (ELF)
  • Watcom DOS32 Extender (W32RUN)
  • Linux a.out (AOUT)
  • PalmPilot program file
  • AIX ar library (AIAFF)
  • PEF (Mac OS or Be OS executable)
  • QNX 16 and 32-bits
  • Nintendo (N64)
  • SNES ROM file (SMC)
  • Motorola DSP56000 .LOD
  • Sony Playstation PSX executable files,
  • object (psyq) files
  • library (psyq) files

Check out the list of supported processors and screenshots of many processor disassemblies in the gallery.