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We currently have the following job openings:

Software developer

We are looking for someone to join our team and participate in the development of unique software security tools. The candidates must know low-level details of modern software as well as high-level data structures and algorithms.


  • A strong knowledge of C/C++
  • Knowledge of x86 assembler and unwillingness to use it in development
  • Experience of cross platform development (Windows/Linux/Mac) is a plus
  • Knowing graph theory and how compilers work is an advantage
  • Ability and willingness to write secure yet fast code
  • Good problem solving and communication skills

To apply, send your resume to
Code samples and links to implemented projects are welcome.

DevOps Engineer

The DevOps will work in tight communication with our software development team and will take care of our continuous integration system (25KLOCS in Python) and other infrastructure elements. S/he will monitor our servers, identify issues, and find solutions.


  • Experience working with Linux based infrastructure, as well as with Windows/Mac OSes
  • Excellent mastering of Python and shell. C/C++ and other languages are a plus
  • Good communication skills
  • General awareness: of the colleagues, customers, company, industry


  • Initially fixed term contract, full time
  • Based in Liège
  • Starting date: as soon as possible

To apply, send your resume to