An overview of the makesig plugin

makesig plugin overview The makesig plugin was introduced in the IDA 8.4 release, and it is a convenient tool for generating FLIRT signatures from a current database. As you probably already know, FLIRT stands for Fast LibrarybIdentification and Recognition Technology, allowing IDA to recognize standard library functions generated by supported compilers. This technology improves […]

IDA 8.4 Service Pack 1 released

IDA 8.4 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is now live and ready to download. This release includes mainly bug fixes and refinements. How to request the new versions All new versions are free for users with an active support plan. Please use the “Help > Check for free update” menu item in IDA. It is also possible to […]

Our upcoming IDA Pro Starter Training sessions have now been published

We heard you and have developed a cheaper and optimized online training program that provides fundamental knowledge about IDA Pro. Our new sessions take just one day of your time. Still, their content is carefully curated to provide you with all the necessary information to feel confident using IDA Pro and reverse engineer simple binaries […]

IDA 8.4: Qt 5.15.2 sources & build scripts

A handful of our users have already requested information regarding the Qt 5.15.2 build, that is shipped with IDA 8.4. The Qt sources used by IDA are: based on Qt 5.15.2, to which the KDE Qt5 patch collection has been added, plus a few custom patches/fixes Rebuilding Qt from source In order to obtain compatible libs, the simplest way forward is to

Introducing IDA 8.4: Key Features and Enhancements

It is official! IDA 8.4 has now been released, and we are beyond excited to share the new features and improvements with you. This new version combines enhanced support for a bunch of processors, Mach-O file improvements, some signature boosts, standard plugin updates, and a shiny new set of UI refinements that will make your analysis […]

Black Friday Deals – 2023

This year, our Black Friday deals have come early and include incredible opportunities to save money on Training and IDA Home! Here is what is on offer… 50% Off All December IDA Pro Online Training Sessions Are you ready to take your IDA Pro expertise to the next level? Hex-Rays offers a mind-blowing 50% discount on all […]

Madame De Maintenon’s Cryptographic Pursuit – Unmasking the Traitors

In the heart of Versailles, an unexpected discovery sent ripples through the palace. Madame de Maintenon (the IDA Lady), the secret wife of Louis XIV, stumbled upon an unusual letter, containing a hidden plot for a coup. This letter, with its strange symbols, triggered a quest for answers. With unwavering determination, Madame de Maintenon (aka […]

Rust analysis plugin tech preview

The Rust language is gaining popularity and nowadays even malware authors started using it, which means our users need to analyze them in IDA. The binaries produced by the Rust compiler have some peculiarities which make them difficult to analyze, such as: non-standard calling conventions non-terminated string literals unusual name mangling scheme While tackling all of them is a […]

Hex-Rays Sponsors the Code Blue 2023 Conference in Tokyo

Hex-Rays is thrilled to announce its sponsorship and participation at the highly anticipated Code Blue conference in Tokyo, Japan, on 8-9 November 2023. The attendance of the leading provider of advanced binary analysis tools confirms its commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the cybersecurity sector. Code Blue, an internationally renowned gathering of information […]