IDA Teams beta release

As software systems becomes more complex, we at Hex-Rays have witnessed a growing desire for more collaboration in the field of reverse-engineering: applying multiple sets of eyes and diversified skill sets, will be a boon for speeding up that process. Over the last months/years, we have been busy cooking an appropriate response to that demand, and […]

Introducing the ‘Patching’ plugin

This is a guest entry written by Markus Gaasedelen from RET2 SYSTEMS. His views and opinions are his own, and not those of Hex-Rays. Any technical or maintenance issues regarding the code herein should be directed to him, through the repository. Refreshing IDA’s Binary Patching Workflow Patching assembly code to change the behavior of an […]

Introducing the IDAClang Tutorial

As part of the 7.7 release, IDA bundles a new C++ parser based on the libclang library from the LLVM project. In addition to that, we wrote a new command-line utility, which allows you to build custom type libraries from C/C++ codebases. (Note: this link is protected by the download area password, included in […]

Future IDAPython versions will be Python3-only

Even though Python 2 has been end-of-life’d on January 1st, 2020, we have until now been providing IDAPython builds that can run on a Python 2 runtime. But usage of Python 2 runtimes has been discouraged for a while now by the Python community, and official downloads for Python 2 for certain systems simply on which IDA runs, don’t exist […]

2022 IDA Training session: Registration is now open!

The first 2022 IDA training session will take place online from 16-20 and 23-25 May 2022 , from 9am Pacific Standard Time. The session is devised to help professional reverse engineers master IDA Pro, the de-facto industry standard reverse engineering tool and take their reversing skills to the next level. Provided by the experts behind […]

IDA 7.7 Service Pack 1 released

Hex-Rays announces the release of IDA Service Pack 1 (SP1) for IDA 7.7. This Service Pack is primarily a bugfix release for a few errors that might affect some users. How to request the new versions As usual, the new versions are free for users with an active support plan. Please use the “Help > Check for free […]

go2pat: a tool for building signatures for Golang binaries

As part of our effort to improve the analysis of Go programs, we included FLIRT signatures from functions for the Go runtime and standard library in the recently-released IDA 7.7. Those signatures, that support Go runtimes versions 1.10 through 1.16 (for x64 architectures, on Windows, Linux & Mac), can greatly improve the workflow of users as they […]

IDA 7.7: out-of-the-box support for macOS’s “dark mode”

Before IDA 7.7 IDA versions up to and including 7.6 have been shipping with versions of the Qt toolkit, that didn’t support macOS‘s “dark mode”. Due to popular demand, we came up with a solution in the form of a specific IDA theme, called IDA’s “dark theme”: IDA’s dark theme has been very well received, and a lot of users […]

IDA 7.7 released

Hex-Rays team is thrilled to announce the release of IDA version 7.7! Our top-notch binary analysis tool IDA Pro’s latest version delivers new features and various enhancements. With updates on some key features, version 7.7 is expected to certainly improve the user experience. Here are the highlight features and changes introduced in IDA 7.7: iOS15 and macOS 12 […]