Hex-Rays launches a Beta Program!

In the past, we have worked with various beta testers that helped us shape our products by trying out our pre-release versions. Today, we are launching our Beta Program initiative with the idea of building a community of enthusiasts who would regularly take an active part in the evolution […]

Igor’s tip of the week: Season 02

In August 2020, we started blog series called “Igor’s tip of the week.” These blog posts aim to help you better work with IDA & Decompilers. Over the years, his pieces of advice have become very popular, and our natural response was to make them even more accessible and easy to read. That’s […]

IDA 8.0 Service Pack 1 released

IDA Service Pack 1 (SP1) for IDA 8.0 is now available. This new release fixes a few issues that might have affected some users. How to request the new versions All new versions are free for users with an active support plan. Please use the “Help > Check for free update” menu item in IDA. It is also […]

IDA Teams: Documentation published

We have recently announced the launch of IDA Teams, our new product that allows teams of analysts to work together. The heart of IDA remains unchanged, but your team now has better tools to publish their discoveries to the rest of the colleagues and benefit from the work done by other group members. To better […]

IDA 8.0: Qt 5.12.2 sources & build scripts

A handful of our users have already requested information regarding the Qt 5.15.2 build, that is shipped with IDA 8.0. The Qt sources used by IDA are: based on Qt 5.15.2, to which the KDE Qt5 patch collection has been added, plus a few custom patches/fixes Rebuilding Qt from source In order to obtain compatible libs, the simplest way forward […]

IDA 8.0 released

Hex-Rays team is thrilled to announce the release of IDA version 8.0! As with every release, IDA Pro and IDA Home gained many new features and enhancements, including: Support for iOS16 and recent macOS releases Golang improvements: significantly improved support for Golang 1.17 and 1.18 binaries Better function discovery with the new “patfind” plugin FLIRT patterns directly from an IDA […]

Vulnerability fix 2022-07-07

A friendly heads-up to IDA users: we just published a vulnerability fix for a potential double-free during DWARF parsing. Please grab it from www.hex-rays.com/vulnfix/ and replace the original files with those you will find in the archive.

Igor’s tip of the week #96: Loading additional files

Although most of the time IDA is used to work on single, self-contained file (e.g. an executable, library, or a firmware image), this is not always the case. Sometimes the program may refer to or load additional files or data, and it may be useful to have that data in the database and analyze it […]

IDA Teams beta release

As software systems becomes more complex, we at Hex-Rays have witnessed a growing desire for more collaboration in the field of reverse-engineering: applying multiple sets of eyes and diversified skill sets, will be a boon for speeding up that process. Over the last months/years, we have been busy cooking an appropriate response to that demand, and […]

Introducing the ‘Patching’ plugin

This is a guest entry written by Markus Gaasedelen from RET2 SYSTEMS. His views and opinions are his own, and not those of Hex-Rays. Any technical or maintenance issues regarding the code herein should be directed to him, through the github.com repository. Refreshing IDA’s Binary Patching Workflow Patching assembly code to change the behavior of an […]