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The goal of the Lumina server is to hold metadata about well-known functions: their name, prototype, comments, operand types, ... IDA users can push metadata to, or pull metadata from the Lumina server.

When using Lumina, IDA does not send byte patterns to the server. Instead, it sends some hash values and this is enough for Lumina to find the corresponding metadata. When metadata is found, it will be downloaded and applied to the current database. This is a great way to improve the disassembly listing. It is possible to configure IDA to automatically request metadata at the end of analysis.

Key features

  • Lumina servers are available for IDA Pro users as well as IDA Teams users, and they have the ability to either use their own private servers, or the public Lumina server hosted by Hex-Rays.
  • Any user can send metadata to the Lumina server. The received metadata is stored by Lumina and is made available to all IDA users connecting to that server (either private, or the public one). Once again: when sending metadata, no byte patterns are sent to Lumina; IDA only sends the hash values and the metadata.
  • Currently Lumina can work with x86/x64, ARM, PowerPC, and MIPS files. Support for other processors will be added in the future.
  • Lumina can be used to "export" work that was done previously on another file, to other projects.
  • It is possible to turn off automatic usage of Lumina (either private, or the public one) with the "Help, Check for free update" menu item.
  • In any case your feedback is appreciated and will be accepted with gratitude. We do not promise to implement all your suggestions but we will take all measures to make it more powerful and more useful for everyone.
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public Lumina server

Public Lumina server

  • While users have the possibility of installing their own private Lumina servers, Hex-Rays also provides a public Lumina server as a free alternative.
  • Feel free to use the public Lumina server and to share your metadata with others. We will introduce some incentives for active users who share quality metadata.
  • Note that Hex-Rays does not promise to routinely perform cleanups on the public server's database. Please use it with caution, do not abuse it, and try to populate it with useful metadata.
private Lumina server

Private Lumina server

  • Private Lumina servers are available starting with IDA 8.1. This can be extremely useful for keeping an in-house knowledge base of prior work, and hit the ground running faster on ulterior projects.
  • The customer has full ownership of the private Lumina server, full control over it and, through server logs & the associated lc utility, all info about user activity. This is the perfect solution for privacy-conscious users who want to make use of Lumina's power, without the risk of leaking important/proprietary information.
  • The lc utility can be used not only to manage the server but also to collect the usage statistics, including the general stats, per user stats, etc.
  • It is very easy to keep the Lumina database healthy: not only lc has the commands to delete undesired metadata, but also IDA users can do it on-the-fly after seeing the result of a Lumina operation.

Private Lumina is included in IDA Teams; IDA Pro users can request a quote.

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Frequently asked questions

About the subscription model

1. What is a subscription model?
This means that users will pay a yearly fee to have access to the software, this includes any updates and support throughout the year.

2. Why use a subscription model?
A yearly subscription allows users to stay up to date with the latest versions of software as soon as they are released as well as lowering the initial cost for the user.

3. What is included in IDA Teams subscription
There are now four bundles (Standalone, Core, Base, Ultra) to choose from.
With a subscription you will have access to the latest version of the purchased software, technical support by email, hot fixes for serious issues and vulnerabilities as well as participation in our user-only online forum.

4. How do I purchase IDA Teams?
You can contact us at

5. Can I pay for the subscription monthly?
Currently all subscriptions are paid in annual payments, monthly payments are not an available payment option.

6. Can I purchase individual Decompilers with IDA Teams Standalone?
Purchasing IDA Teams Standalone and a single decompiler is not possible anymore. Only the 4 bundles are available.

7. Is support included?
Yes, support for the duration of your subscription is included as well as any updates that are released during your subscription period.

8. What is the subscription duration?
Our standard subscriptions will be one year. For other options please contact

9. How are subscriptions renewed?
You will be able to renew your subscription directly through our web shop or, for multi-seats subscriptions, by contacting In the future we will introduce automatic renewals.

10. What if I do not renew my subscription?
If subscriptions are not renewed, you will lose access to the software on the day that a new subscription should have started. Please note that the software will stop working if not renewed.

11. What If I Want To Upgrade / Downgrade My Subscription?
To upgrade please contact for more info. It is not possible to downgrade a subscription after it has been purchased or renewed. You will be able to change which bundle you have at the end of your subscription duration.
Eg: If you have Teams Core from 1st August 2022 you can change to Teams Base on 1st August 2023

12. What If I Want to Cancel My Subscription?
It is possible to cancel your subscription at any time but as subscriptions are charged yearly we are unable to issue any refunds.

Other topics

1. Can various Teams bundles work together?
Yes, you can mix Teams bundles licenses on the same vault server.

2. Can I have 1 license for multiple users(seats)?
No, unlike IDA Pro floating license, one license is required per user(seat).

3. Can I buy only 1 IDA Teams licence?
No, the minimum amount of seats required is 5 (it can be a combination of different bundles), except for IDA Teams Ultra, which requires 2 seats.

4. How do I know when my license will expire?
You will receive 2 reminders: one 2 months in advance, the second a few days before the expiration. In addition, the software starts to complain 1 month in advance. Once the subscription expires, the software issues a different message:
Sorry, your license expired on ...
Please renew your subscription within X days

where X will decrease every day. Once it reaches zero, the software stops working.

5. Can my previous work be used in IDA Teams?
IDA shares the same engine in both IDA Teams and IDA Pro. That means it's possible to use work done in IDA Pro within IDA Teams.

6. Will my plugins work in IDA Teams?
They should work fine. Depending on your needs, it might be desirable to improve some plugins that store data in the .idb file in order to make them "merge-aware", and enabling merging of that data.