IDA Disassemblies Gallery

6808 Disassembler

IDA is the most powerful disassembler available for the 6808 family of microcontrollers. Which include the following devices:

68HC08AB16A, 68HC908AB32, 68HC08AS32, 68HC08AS32A, 68HC908AS32A, 68HC908AS60, ,68HC908AS60A, 68HC08AZ32A, 68HC908AZ32A, 68HC08AZ60A, 68HC908AZ60A, 68HC08BD24, 68HC908BD48, ,68HC908EY16, 68HC908GP32, 68HC908GR4, 68HC908GR8, 68HC908GR8A, 68HC908GR16, 68HC908GT8, ,68HC908GT16, 68HC908GZ8, 68HC908GZ16, 68HC08JB1, 68HC908JB16, 68HC908JB8, 68HC08JB8, 68HC908JK1, ,68HC908JK3, 68HC08JK3, 68HC908JK8, 68HC08JK8, 68HC908JL3, 68HC08JL3, 68HC908JL8, 68HC08JL8, 68HC08JT8, 68HC08KH12, 68HC908KX2, 68HC908KX8, 68HC908LD64, 68HC908LJ12, 68HC908MR8, 68HC908MR16, 68HC908MR32, 68HC908QT1, 68HC908QT2, 68HC908QT4, 68HC908QY1, 68HC908QY2, 68HC908QY4, 68HC908RF2, ,8HC908RK2, 68HC908SR12, MC3PHAC, MC9S08GB32, MC9S08GB60, MC9S08GT32, MC9S08GT60.

Assembler code
EXTRA0_87:0000C1B5 EXTRA0_87:0000C1B5 ; =============== S U B R O U T I N E ======================================= EXTRA0_87:0000C1B5 EXTRA0_87:0000C1B5 EXTRA0_87:0000C1B5 ; public App_OnReadValues EXTRA0_87:0000C1B5 App_OnReadValues: ; CODE XREF: main+2A9↓P EXTRA0_87:0000C1B5 pshx EXTRA0_87:0000C1B6 pshh EXTRA0_87:0000C1B7 tax EXTRA0_87:0000C1B8 add 2, sp1 EXTRA0_87:0000C1BB sta 1, sp1 EXTRA0_87:0000C1BE cpx #1 EXTRA0_87:0000C1C0 txa EXTRA0_87:0000C1C1 bhi loc_C1D2 EXTRA0_87:0000C1C3 tsx EXTRA0_87:0000C1C4 ldx , x EXTRA0_87:0000C1C5 cpx #2 EXTRA0_87:0000C1C7 bcs loc_C1D2 EXTRA0_87:0000C1C9 brset DDRF6, _LEDC, loc_C1CE EXTRA0_87:0000C1CC clrx EXTRA0_87:0000C1CD skip2 EXTRA0_87:0000C1CE EXTRA0_87:0000C1CE loc_C1CE: ; CODE XREF: App_OnReadValues+14↑j EXTRA0_87:0000C1CE ldx #1 EXTRA0_87:0000C1D0 stx byte_70 EXTRA0_87:0000C1D2 EXTRA0_87:0000C1D2 loc_C1D2: ; CODE XREF: App_OnReadValues+C↑j EXTRA0_87:0000C1D2 ; App_OnReadValues+12↑j EXTRA0_87:0000C1D2 ldx #$6F ; 'o' EXTRA0_87:0000C1D4 pshx EXTRA0_87:0000C1D5 tsx EXTRA0_87:0000C1D6 ldx 2, x1 EXTRA0_87:0000C1D8 jsr SSD_CopyParmsToAppBuffer EXTRA0_87:0000C1DB ais #3 EXTRA0_87:0000C1DD rts EXTRA0_87:0000C1DD ; End of function App_OnReadValues EXTRA0_87:0000C1DD