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68HC16 Disassembler

The 68HC16 is a Motorola microcontroller that is used, among other things, in the automotive industry: IDA is the most powerful disassembler for the 68HC16Y1 , 68HC16Z1, 68HC16Z3 processors and is widely used by car tuner and race teams.

Assembler code
RESERVED:01BC fcb $D RESERVED:01BD fcb $7F ;  RESERVED:01BE fcb $D RESERVED:01BF fcb $80 ; € RESERVED:01C0 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESERVED:01C0 sec RESERVED:01C1 stx byte_E00 RESERVED:01C4 cli RESERVED:01C5 nop RESERVED:01C6 cli RESERVED:01C7 clr byte_E80 RESERVED:01CA cli RESERVED:01CB stx byte_F00 RESERVED:01CE sei RESERVED:01CF nop RESERVED:01D0 sei RESERVED:01D1 clr byte_F80 RESERVED:01D4 sei RESERVED:01D5 stx PORTA ; Port A data RESERVED:01D8 sba RESERVED:01D9 nop RESERVED:01DA sba RESERVED:01DB clr byte_1080 RESERVED:01DE sba RESERVED:01DF stx byte_1100 RESERVED:01E2 cba RESERVED:01E3 nop RESERVED:01E4 cba RESERVED:01E5 clr byte_1180 RESERVED:01E8 cba RESERVED:01E9 stx byte_1200 RESERVED:01EC brset <byte_1 $12 loc_26F RESERVED:01F0 RESERVED:01F0 loc_1F0: ; CODE XREF: RESERVED:loc_1F0↑j RESERVED:01F0 brset <byte_80 $12 loc_1F0+3