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The list of supported processor/OS/file format combinations is so large that it is not easy to enumerate it. Please look at our gallery which contains disassembly samples across a wide number of processors.

IDA Home Edition

IDA Home is available in 5 versions, each supporting one of the common processor families:

  • x86/x64
  • ARM/ARM64
  • PowerPC/PPC64
  • Motorola 68K/Coldfire

IDA Professional Edition

IDA Professional Edition supports the processors listed below. The source code of some processor modules is available in our free SDK.

  • AMD K6-2 3D-Now! extensions
  • 32-bit ARM Architecture versions from v3 to v8 including Thumb, Thumb-2, DSP instructions and NEON Advanced SIMD instructions.
    • ARMv4 / ARMv4T: ARM7 cores (ARM7TDMI / ARM710T / ARM720T / ARM740T), ARM9 cores (ARM9TDMI / ARM920T / ARM922T / ARM940T)
    • ARMv5 / ARMv5TE / ARMv5TEJ: ARM9 cores (ARM946E-S/ ARM966E-S/ ARM968E-S/ ARM926EJ-S/ ARM996HS), ARM10E (ARM1020E / ARM1022E / ARM1026EJ-S)
    • ARMv6 / ARMv6T2 / ARMv6Z / ARMv6K: ARM11 cores (ARM1136J(F)-S / ARM1156T2(F)-S / ARM1176JZ(F)-S / ARM11 MPCore)
    • ARMv6-M: Cortex-M0 / Cortex-M0+ / Cortex-M1 (e.g. NXP LPC800/LPC1xxx, Freescale Kinetis L and M series, STM32 F0 series etc.)
    • ARMv7-M: Cortex-M3 (e.g. NXP LPC17xx/18xx/13xx, STM32 F1/F2/L1 series, TI Stellaris, Toshiba TX03 / TMPM3xx etc.)
    • ARMv7E-M: Cortex-M4 (e.g. NXP LPC43xx, STM32 F3/F4 series, TI Stellaris LM4F, Freescale Kinetis K series and W series, Atmel AT91SAM4 etc.)
    • ARMv7-R: Cortex-R4(F)/Cortex-R5/Cortex-R7 (e.g. TI TMS570LS etc.)
    • ARMv7-A: Cortex-A5 / Cortex-A7 / Cortex-A8 / Cortex-A9 / Cortex-A12 / Cortex-A15 (e.g. TI Sitara, TI OMAP series, Samsung S5PC100 and Exynos, Nvidia Tegra, Freescale i.MX, Allwinner A-Series and many others)
    • ARMv7 (custom): Apple A4/A5/A5X/A6/A6X (Swift microarchitecture, used in Apple’s iPhone/iPod/iPad/AppleTV), Qualcomm Snapdragon [Note: this list is incomplete; code for any ARM-compliant core can be disassembled]
  • ARM64 Architecture (aka AArch64):
      • ARMv8-A: Cortex-A50/Cortex-A53/Cortex-A57 etc.
      • ARMv8 (custom): Apple A7,A8 etc. (iPhone 5s and newer devices)
  • ARC (Argonaut RISC Core), including ARCompact and ARCv2 (comes with source code)
  • ATMEL AVR (comes with source code)
  • DEC PDP-11(comes with source code)
  • Fujitsu FR (comes with source code)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) (6502)
  • Nintendo Super Entertainment System (SNES) (65816, 65C816)
  • Nintendo GameBoy (Z80, ARM7)
  • Nintendo DS (ARM9, ARM11)
  • Hitachi/Renesas , , , , , H8SX (comes with source code)
    H8/330, H8/322, H8/323, H8/325, H8/326-329, H8/336-338, H8/350, H8/3048F, H8/3202, H8/3212, H8/3214, H8/3216, H8/3217, H8/3256, H8/3257, H8/3292, H8/3294, H8/3296, H8/3297, H8/3315, H8/3318, H8/3334Y, H8/3336Y, H8/3337Y, H8/3337YF, H8/3394, H8/3396, H8/3397, H8/3534, H8/3434, H8/3434F, H8/3436, H8/3437, H8/3437F, H8/3522
    H8/3612, H8/3613, H8/3614, H8/3712, H8/3713, H8/3714, H8/3723, H8/3724, H8/3725, H8/3726, H8/3812, H8/3813, H8/3814, H8/3833-37, H8/3875, H8/3876, H8/3877, H8/3924, H8/3925, H8/3926, H8/3927, H8/3945-47
    H8/3002, H8/3040-3042, H8/3003, H8/3030-32, H8/3048, H8/3070, H8/3071, H8/3072
    H8S/2246, H8S/2245, H8S/2244, H8S/2243, H8S/2242, H8S/2241, H8S/2133, H8S/2144F, H8S/2357F, H8S/2143, H8S/2142F, H8S/2345F, H8S/2343, H8S/2341, H8S/2237, H8S/2235, H8S/2233, H8S/2227, H8S/2225, H8S/2223, H8S/2240, H8S/2242, H8S/2350, H8S/2352, H8S/2340, H8S/2355, H8S/2353, H8S/2351, H8S/2134F, H8S/2132F
    H8S/2655R, H8S/2653R, H8S/2655
  • Hitachi H8/500 (comes with source code)
  • Hitachi HD 6301, HD 6303, Hitachi HD 64180
  • INTEL 8080
  • INTEL 8085 (comes with source code)
  • INTEL 80196 (comes with source code)
  • INTEL 8051 (comes with source code)
  • INTEL 860XR (comes with source code)
  • INTEL 960 (comes with source code)
  • INTEL 80×86 and 80×87 (Intel 8086/8088, 80186, 80286, 80386, 80486 and compatibles)
  • INTEL Pentium/Celeron/Xeon, including SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4, AVX, AVX2, AVX-512 and other extensions
  • Java Virtual Machine (comes with source code)
  • KR1878 (comes with source code)
  • Microsoft .NET (Common Language Infrastructure bytecode)
  • Mitsubishi MELPS740 or Renesas 740 (comes with source code)
  • Hitachi/Renesas M16C family (M16C/60, M16C/20, M16C/Tiny, R8C/Tiny, M16C/80, M32C/80, R32C/100
  • MN102 (comes only with source code)
  • MOS Technologies 6502, 65C02 (comes with source code)
  • W65C816S aka 65C816 or 65816 (comes with source code)
  • Motorola/Freescale 68K family: MC680xx, CPU32 (68330), MC6301
  • Motorola 68xx series: MC6301, MC6303, MC6800, MC6801, MC6803, MC6805, MC6808, HCS08, MC6809, MC6811,
  • Motorola MC6812/MC68HC12/CPU12
  • Freescale HCS12, HCS12X (including XGATE coprocessor)
  • Motorola MC68HC16
  • NSC CR16 (comes only with source code)
  • NEC V850 series (including V850E1, V850E1F, V850ES, V850E2, V850E2M) (comes with source code)
  • Renesas RH850 series (RH850G3K, RH850G3M, RH850G3KH, RH850G3MH) (comes with source code)
  • EFI Byte Code (EBC) (comes with source code)
  • SPU (Synergistic Processing Unit of the Cell BE) (comes with source code)
  • MSP430, MSP430X (comes with source code)
  • Microchip PIC 12XX, PIC 14XX, PIC 18XX, PIC 16XXX (comes with source code)
  • Microchip 16-bit PIC series (PIC24, dsPIC: PIC24XX, PIC30XX, PIC33XX)
  • Rockwell C39 (comes only with source code)
  • Samsung SAM8 (comes with source code)
  • SGS Thomson ST-7, and ST-20 (comes with source code)
  • TLCS900 (comes only with source code)
  • unSP from SunPlus
  • Sony SPC700
  • Philips XA series (51XA G3)(comes with source code)
  • RISC-V
  • Renesas RL78 series
  • Intel xScale
  • Z80, Zilog Z8, Zilog Z180, Zilog Z380 (comes with source code)
  • IBM z/Architecture (S390, S390x)
  • x64 architecture (aka Intel 64/IA-32e/EM64T/x86-64/AMD64)
  • Analog Devices AD218x series (ADSP-2181, ADSP-2183, ADSP-2184(L/N), ADSP-2185(L/M/N), ADSP-2186(L/M/N), ADSP-2187(L/N), ADSP-2188M/N, ADSP-2189M/N)
  • Dalvik (Android bytecode, DEX)
  • DEC Alpha
  • Motorola DSP563xx, DSP566xx, DSP561XX (comes with source code)
  • TI TMS320C2X, TMS320C5X, TMS320C6X, TMS320C64X, TMS 320C54xx, TMS320C55xx, TMS320C3 (comes with source code)
  • TI TMS320C27x/TMS320C28x
  • Hewlett-Packard HP-PA aka PA-RISC (comes with source code)
  • Hitachi/Renesas SuperH series. Unexhaustive list:
    • SH-1 core, for example SH7020,SH7021, SH7032,SH7034;
    • SH-2 core: SH7047, SH7049, SH7105, SH7107, SH7109 etc.;
    • SH-2E core: SH7055, SH7058 etc.;
    • SH-2A core: SH7201, SH7206, SH7211, SH7214
    • SH2A-FPU core: SH7450, SH7263 etc.;
    • SH3 core: SH7706, SH7709S;
    • SH4 core: SH7091(Sega Dreamcast), SH7750;
    • SH-4A core: SH7450, SH7451,SH7734, SH7785.
  • Renesas RXv1, RXv2, RXv3 cores (RX100/RX200/RX600/RX700)
  • IBM/Motorola PowerPC/POWER architecture, including Power ISA extensions:
    • Book E (Embedded Controller Instructions)
    • Freescale ISA extensions (isel etc.)
    • SPE (Signal Processing Engine) instructions
    • AltiVec (SIMD) instructions
    • Hypervisor and virtualization instructions
    • All instructions from the Power ISA 2.06 specification (Vector, Decimal Floating Point, Integer Multiply-Accumulate, VSX etc.)
    • Cell BE (Broadband Engine) instructions (used in PlayStation 3)
    • VLE (Variable Length Encoding) compressed instruction set
    • Xenon (Xbox 360) instructions, including VMX128 extension
    • Paired Single SIMD instructions (PowerPC 750CL/Gekko/Broadway/Espresso, used in Nintendo Wii and WiiU)
  • Motorola/Freescale PowerPC-based cores and processors, including (but not limited to):
    • MPC5xx series: MPC533 / MPC535 / MPC555 / MPC556 / MPC561 / MPC562 / MPC563 / MPC564 / MPC566 Note: code compression features of MPC534/MPC564/MPC556/MPC566 (Burst Buffer Controller) are currently not supported
    • MPC8xx series (PowerQUICC): MPC821/MPC850/MPC860
    • MPC8xxx series (PowerQUICC II, PowerQUICC II Pro, PowerQUICC III): MPC82xx / MPC83xx / MPC85xx / MPC87xx
    • MPC5xxx series (Qorivva): MPC55xx, MPC56xx, MPC57xx
    • Power PC 4xx, 6xx, 74xx, e200 (including e200z0 with VLE), e500 (including e500v1, e500v2 and e500mc), e600, e700, e5500, e6500 cores
    • QorIQ series: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and T1, T2, T4 families
  • Infineon Tricore architecture (up to architecture v1.6.2 (AURIX))
  • Intel IA-64 Architecture – Itanium.
  • Motorola DSP 56K
  • MIPS
    • MIPS Mark I (R2000)
    • MIPS Mark II (R3000)
    • MIPS Mark III: (R4000, R4200, R4300, R4400, and R4600)
    • MIPS Mark IV: R8000, R10000, R5900 (Playstation 2)
    • MIPS32, MIPS32r2, MIPS32r3 and MIPS64, MIPS64r2, MIPS64r3
    • Allegrex CPU (Playstation Portable – PSP), including VFPU instructions
    • Cavium Octeon and Octeon2 (cnMIPS) ISA extensions
    • MIPS16 (MIPS16e, MIPS16e2) Application Specific Extension
    • microMIPS Application Specific Extension
    • MIPS-MT, MIPS-3D, smartMIPS Application Specific Extensions
    • Toshiba TX19/TX19A Family Application Specific Extension (MIPS16e+ aka MIPS16e-TX)
  • Mitsubishi M32R (comes with source code)
  • Mitsubishi M7700 (comes with source code)
  • Mitsubishi M7900 (comes with source code)
  • Nec 78K0 and Nec 78K0S (comes with source code)
  • STMicroelectronics ST9+, ST-10 (comes with source code)
  • Siemens C166 (flow)
  • Tensilica Xtensa
  • Fujitsu F2MC-16L, Fujitsu F2MC-LC (comes with source code)

Debugger Modules

In IDA Pro all debugger modules are available.

Unsupported Processors

If your target processor is not included in the list above, you have two options:

  1. Ask us to add support for the processor sometime in the future: we welcome your feedback about which processors should be added to IDA Pro.
  2. Use our SDK and develop your own (free to all, but unsupported).