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Today, Hex-Rays announces its new corporate identity as part of IDA’s 30th anniversary celebration. This new look reflects a key milestone of Hex-Rays team in its journey to relentlessly evolve and move forward.

After three decades of hard work to develop and improve the best-of-breed binary analysis tools which brought our flagship product – IDA Pro – into the spotlight, we are excited to have this makeover as it helps capture what we stand for as a team, a company and more than that, a visual identity that reflects our journey of transformation. Join us to welcome this remarkable update and read on to see what’s been changed!


  • The new Hex-Rays logo: we are definitely in love with it! Totally different from the previous ones, this new logo combines simple and clean typography with simplified and slick shapes that perfectly reflect the sense of maturity and modernity. It symbolizes the next stage of our journey: keep evolving and striving to equip our users with the most powerful binary analysis tools.
  • The new color palette: The new logo aroused our gut feeling to introduce a new color palette. We tweaked the blue that has always been with Hex-Rays identity, made it more distinct and adopted the purple and orange accent to obtain the boldness we’re aiming for. This new palette, we believe, is more refined, distinctive, energetic and helps Hex-Rays stand out from the rest.
  • Brand new website: We revamped our Hex-Rays website to fully align with the new brand identity, and, more importantly, provide our visitors a better experience when learning about Hex-Rays and our products. Make sure you tour around and enjoy these latest changes:
    • The website’s better user-experience (UX) is the second most apparent thing after its modern and clean appearance. Experience a faster, easier-to-navigate and more user-friendly website with better access to our products, solutions and support center.
    • The not-to-be-missed Solutions page: We’ve been collecting a wide range of works and publications from IDA users and are glad to present them along with this new website launch. Head over to the page and see the collection of use cases where IDA Pro was showcased in complex cybersecurity workflows or critical problems in the software industry.
    • That most-wanted Support center has been reorganized: Resources including documentation, tutorials, downloads are now all centralized and categorized. We endeavor to provide our users and partners with the most useful and up-to-date product-wise information while easing your painful searching and surfing around.

In the upcoming months, we will be constantly upgrading other features in the website and keep updating our content with helpful blogs, up-to-date and insightful information about our Training, Plugin contest, newsletter and so on.

Ilfak Guilfanov, CEO of Hex-Rays, said “This update isn’t about changing who we are but more about refining and unifying as we are evolving and preparing for many changes ahead. Our new brand identity reflects our leading position in the field, it is clearer, simpler, more modern while still retains a positive connection with the company’s legacy”.

Hex-Rays team is happy to share the news with our valued users, customers, partners and hope you’ll enjoy this change as much as we did creating it. To the brand new look of Hex-Rays, and more to come!

TL; DR: Today, Hex-Rays launches a new logo, and website too! Check them out at