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Halloween is approaching, and we’ve decided to celebrate it by launching the #MyCreepyCodeContest. Whether you are a seasoned reverser or just an enthusiast, our #MyCreepyCodeContest invites you to dig up and share the most spine-chilling pieces of code you’ve encountered in the wild.

Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of experience. The goal is to…well, to have fun! We spend most of our time analyzing code, and there are always bits that are simply terrifying and haunt our reverse engineering journey. It is time to expose these spooky pieces of code.

This year, the winners will be two. We will select one, and the community will decide the other one.

How to participate

It is as simple as pumpkin soup!

  1. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Mastodon;
  2. Post a snapshot of the scary code using #MyCreepyCodeContest;
  3. Mention us in the post;
  4. Keep an eye on our website. We will publish all entries and allow you to vote for the best entry.


There will be two prizes this year:

  • Hex-Ray’s Choice Award – our team will choose the creepiest code snippet, and the winner will get an exclusive T-shirt with his/her scary code snippet printed on it.
  • Community Choice Award – the community will decide on their favorite submission. Again, the winner will get an exclusive T-shirt with her/his scary code snippet printed on it.


  1. All conditions from "How to participate" should be met;
  2. The code snippet you share should be something you’ve encountered in your reverse engineering journey;
  3. Please remember that your code snippet should adhere to the theme of being creepy;
  4. Excerpts from any programming languages are welcome;
  5. Multiple entries are allowed, so dare & share!
  6. The shorter the code, the better. Take into account that the winning snippet would be printed on a T-shirt, and it has to fit in it;
  7. Submissions made after the deadline will not be considered;
  8. The two winners will be contacted to provide us with their complete shipping details;
  9. We reserve the right not to send the prizes to participants from certain countries;
  10. Cheating will not be tolerated. Any manipulation of the voting process and/or results will lead to disqualification, and the award will be given to the next in the ranking;
  11. Should you have any questions with regards to the contest, please get in touch with

Voting Process

For the Community Choice Award, we’re spicing things up with a voting process…

  • Submission Period: Submissions will be accepted until the contest deadline;
  • Voting Period: After the submission deadline, we will publish on our website all submissions gathered from our social networks;
  • Community Voting: During the voting period, visitors to our website can cast their votes for their favorite submission;
  • Announcement: We will announce the winner of the Community Choice Award after the voting period ends.

Important Dates:

Contest Start Date: October 18th, 2023
Submission Deadline: October 31st, 2023
Community Voting Period: November 1st – November 6th, 2023

Good luck, and may the creepiest code snippets win!

Vote for the Community Choice Award

We have received seven really scary submissions, and we need your help to decide which one deserves the second prize in this year’s #MyCreepyCodeContest.

Here are the challengers: