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The last week several LGPL violations were found in Sony’s DRM implementation.
Here is a proof of one violation. Here is a dedicated page with many other findings.
By the way the license breach could be found using the simplest tools on the earth: any hex editor or the strings tool from unix would be enough to find the copyright strings. In MS Windows Start, Search for Files or Folders would be sufficient as well. Just think about it and look.
In theory the license breach is easy to fix: just add the required copyright notice to the initial dialog box and there is no license violation anymore.
What is not easy to fix is the public opinion. Many will think: Sony’s rootkit is a bad thing and (therefore) DRM in general is a bad thing too. In fact what we need is a good DRM implementation (since the option of having no DRM is not available). Without rootkits and ‘security by obscurity’ approach. Which does not punish legal buyers.