Igor’s tip of the week #06: IDA Release notes

With every IDA release, we publish detailed release notes describing various new features, improvements and bugfixes. While some of the additions are highlighted and therefore quite visible, others are not so obvious and may require careful reading. Having a closer look at these release notes, you will be surprised to see many small but […]

Igor’s tip of the week #05: Highlight

In IDA, highlight is the dynamic coloring of a word or number under the cursor as well as all matching substrings on the screen. In the default color scheme, a yellow background color is used for the highlight. Highlight is updated when you click on a non-whitespace location in the listing or move the cursor with […]

Igor’s tip of the week #04: More selection!

In the previous post we talked about the basic usage of selection in IDA. This week we’ll describe a few more examples of actions affected by selection. Firmware/raw binary analysis When disassembling a raw binary, IDA is not always able to detect code fragments and you may have to resort to trial & error for finding the code […]

Igor’s tip of the week #03: Selection in IDA

This week’s post is about selecting items in IDA and what you can do with the selection. As a small change from the previous posts with mainly keyboard usage, we’ll also use the mouse this time! Actions and what they are applied to When an action is performed in IDA, by default it is applied only to the […]

Igor’s tip of the week #02: IDA UI actions and where to find them

In the previous post we described how to quickly invoke some of IDA’s commands using the keyboard. However, sometimes you may need to perform a specific action many times and if it doesn’t have a default hotkey assigned it can be tedious to click through the menus. Even the accelerator keys help only so much. […]

Igor’s tip of the week #01: Lesser-known keyboard shortcuts in IDA

Today, Hex-Rays is excited to launch a special blog series where Igor, one of the experts behind IDA, will provide useful tips and functionalities of IDA that are not always known or less obvious to its users. The first episode of this blog series covers the most useful keyboard shortcuts that will certainly speed up your IDA experience. So, we […]