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As promised, here is the
plugin which demonstrates how to create
a very simple custom viewer in IDA Pro. When run, it displays this text on the screen:

I tried to make it as simple as possible. It just displays several lines on the screen
and reacts to one hotkey, one right-click menu, and shows one simple hint.
There are other things you could do with custom viewers but this should be enough to start.
Please consider it as a boilerplate code which you can take and customize for your needs.

It uses the simpleline_place_t class for the data retrieval. This class is derived
from the place_t class (custom views can use any class derived from place_t).
If you want to create your data dynamically, you will need to derive a class from place_t.
Maybe I’ll show how to create such a class in another post.

For the impatient, I included the
implementation of the
simpleline_place_t in the archive. It will give you some idea how difficult it
is to write your own. Pretty easy if you ask me 😉