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The free solution

This (completely!) free version of IDA offers a privilege opportunity to see IDA in action. This light but powerful tool can quickly analyze the binary code samples and users can save and look closer at the analysis results.

What's included in the pack?
  • Analyze both 32-bit and 64-bit applications
  • Cloud-based x64 decompiler
  • Local x86/x64 debugger included
  • Support x86/x64 processors
  • Save your analysis results
  • Perpetual license

IDA Free minimum system requirements


currently supported x64 OS required (Windows 8 or later, Windows 10 recommended).


x64 (x86_64) CentOS 7 or later, Ubuntu 16.04 or later. Other equivalent distributions may work but not guaranteed.


macOS Catalina or later (x64 or ARM64).

Download your IDA Free

The freeware version of IDA v7.7 comes with the following limitations:

  • no commercial use is allowed
  • cloud-based decompiler lacks certain advanced commands
  • lacks support for many processors, file formats, etc...
  • comes without technical support

SHA1 checksums:

d11fde87bc8550c2f2b91a913a6b3b549c1fd287  arm_idafree77_mac.app.zip
42038657317ebea44954b484a236e7f8cbc7d2fa  idafree77_linux.run
3df4f77a48125e3253ed8f7101f9747f1e35615e  idafree77_mac.app.zip
1f815be20a119cc835e7678a32032ab130834d49  idafree77_windows.exe

Which version of IDA is the best for you?

IDA Pro more info IDA Homemore info IDA Freemore info IDA DemoDownload
Supported processors 68 families + custom via SDK/IDAPython One of: x86/x64, ARM/ARM64,
Motorola 68K/Coldfire
x86/x64 x86/x64
64-bit file analysis checked icon checked icon checked icon checked icon
Debuggers Local and Remote debuggers for:
Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, XNU, Bochs, GDBServer, WinDBG, Intel PIN, Android(Dalvik)
More info
Local + GDBServer Local x86/x64 Bochs (Windows only), Local x86/x64
File formats Over 45 + custom via SDK/IDAPython About 20 processor-specific formats PE, ELF, Mach-O PE, ELF, Mach-O
Decompiler x86, x64, ARM, ARM64, PPC, PPC64, MIPS, MIPS64 (purchased separately) cloud-based x64, PPC64 or ARM64 (beta) cloud-based x64 cloud-based x64
Perpetual license checked icon checked icon
Commercial usage allowed checked icon
Python scripting checked icon checked icon
Headless/batch analysis checked icon
Text (terminal) UI checked icon
Access to C++ SDK and tools checked icon
Access to Lumina function database checked icon checked icon
Save your analysis work checked icon checked icon checked icon
Floating license available checked icon
Technical support: email, forum checked icon checked icon