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User question


should I use IDA when there are other alternatives?

After all…


Isn’t IDA an aging software?

Doesn’t it have shortcomings?

Or structural limitations?

Also… It’s closed source, right?

And how about its high price tag?

Well sure, but…

Consider this:

Here are some of the reasons why you would (and should) have IDA in your arsenal

It just works

It simply works
with most input files,
virtually with all input file formats,
processors or malware that abuses all conventions.


There’s a team behind IDA
who listens to the customers’ feedback. Support without any level differentiation is provided directly by IDA developers to users with a support plan. In a few hours, if possible.


The team is competent
in binary program analysis, aware of customers’ needs, willing to improve the tool and make it more powerful.

Test cases

IDA is a mature product
with thousands of test cases that run on our server farm 24 hours a day. Reported bugs lead to new test cases so we never stumble on them again.

source code

We care about the source code
and will not botch things just to release a new feature quickly. This is also why new features get added after deliberation and discussion.

new features

Substantial changes
can be found in every release: new features, supported processors, debuggers, or platforms.

we value your time

We value your time
and try everything to keep the user interface sleek and fast.


We value your security
and do everything to make IDA as secure as possible. We fuzz it ourselves. We offer bug bounties to eliminate as many bugs as we can before they hurt you.


We try to keep our software open
which is why we publish an API. It is not ideal, far from it, but it is extremely powerful.

And also…

User question

We have an excellent customer base, ranging from hermit private users to fortune 500 corporations and three-letter agencies.

We are grateful for your custom.

The most important point is that we care – we care about many things that may not be obvious at first sight but turn out to be important in the long run.

So, we are here to stay. Because we love what we do. It is our conviction that this is the key for success.

Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting us. We will continue to do our best not to disappoint you.

And by the way… IDA is not elderly at all. The undo feature that we released not so long ago proves that. And of course, other features will follow…