State-of-the-art binary code analysis tools

The Lumina server is currently very simple: it holds metadata (function names, prototypes, comments, operand types, and other info) about well-known functions. Any user can send or receive metadata from Lumina.

When using Lumina, IDA does not send byte patterns to the server. Instead, it sends some hash values and this is enough for Lumina to find the corresponding metadata. If metadata is found, it will be downloaded and applied to the current database. This is a great way to improve the disassembly listing. It is possible to configure IDA to automatically request metadata at the end of analysis.

Any user can send metadata to Lumina. The received metadata is stored by Lumina and is made available to all IDA users. Once more, when sending metadata, no byte patterns are sent to Lumina. IDA sends the hash values and the metadata.

We plan to populate the Lumina database with the most popular functions. Hopefully it will become more and more useful over time.

Feel free to use Lumina and to share your metadata with others. We will introduce some incentives for active users who share quality metadata.

Currently Lumina can work with x86/x64, ARM, PowerPC, and MIPS files. Support for other processors will be added in the future.

Lumina is an experimental feature. While we hope that it will be useful in practice, it has many shortcomings and cannot handle many real life scenarios. For example, it currently has no handling of collisions, database poisoning, DDOS attacks, it is quite slow, uses very limited recognition methods, etc. We provide it for free to our active users. Please use it with caution and do not abuse it. Try to populate it with useful info.

It is possible to turn off automatic usage of Lumina with the “Help, Check for free update” menu item.

In any case your feedback is appreciated and will be accepted with gratitude. We do not promise to implement all your suggestions but we will take all measures to make it more powerful and more useful for everyone.

Just before you ask, we currently do not offer Lumina for private use. Let us wait for it to naturally grow and become mature.