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IDA 8.2 Highlights

32-bit support in IDA64

As another step towards sunsetting 32-bit IDA which we started with 8.1, 32-bit debugging and decompilation is now possible in IDA64. For decompilation, you need to have a corresponding 32-bit decompiler license. IDA Home and IDA Free now also support decompilation of 32-bit binaries using the cloud decompiler.

32-BIT decompiler in IDA64

Processor module improvements

Xtensa switch and options

Stack variables are now tracked and created in functions.

Xtensa stack vars

RISC-V Vector instructions


Metadata structures generated by the Swift compiler are parsed, fomatted and labeled. Some of the simple types which can be represented in IDA are imported into Local Types.

SWIFT formatted metadata SWIFT formatted metadata 2t SWIFT imported type SWIFT imported struct

A new plugin which can search for and display images(pictures) embedded in the current binary.

Image search plugin

UI candy

CSS-based IDA themes now support background images in many of IDA's views

IDA custom background

Full list of changes and new features:

IDA Teams and Lumina

Procesor modules

File formats


Standard plugins


Scripting & SDK