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The following constants can be used in IDC:
 - long numbers (32-bit for 32-bit version of IDA
            and 64-bit for 64-bit version of IDA)
    12345 - decimal constants
    0x444 - hex constants
    01236 - octal constants
    0b110 - binary constants
    'c'   - character constants
  Any numeric constant may have 'u' and 'l' suffixes, they are ignored.
 - 64-bit numbers. To declare a 64-bit constant, use 'i64' suffix:
   Also, if a constant does not fit 32-bits, it will automatically be
   stored as a 64-bit constant.
 - strings. Strings are declared using the double quotes. The backslash
   character can be used to as an escape:
   "string\nwith four embedded \x0\x00\000\0 zeroes"
   Multiple string constants in a row will be automatically concatenated:
   "this" " is" " one " "string"
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