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The PIN debugger is a remote debugger plugin used to record execution traces. It allows to record traces on Linux and Windows (x86 and x86_64) from any of the supported IDA platforms (Windows, Linux and MacOSX). Support for MacOSX targets is not yet available. Please see the section PIN support for MacOSX for more details on this subject.

To use the PIN debugger plugin the following steps must be carried out:

  - Download the appropriate version of PIN from
  - Build the PIN tool
  - Configure the debugger specific options in
    Debugger Options, Set specific options.
  PIN debugger plugin has the following configuration options:
  - PIN Binary Path: Full path to the pin binary.
  - PIN Tool Path: Directory where the or .dll PIN tool resides.
  - Tracing options:
    - Instruction tracing: trace individual instructions
    - Basic block tracing: trace basic blocks
    - Function tracing: trace functions
    - Recording of register values: record register values or not. If
      this option is disabled, only EIP/RIP will be recorded.
  - PIN Tool options:
    - Autolaunch pin for "localhost": When this option is set and
    the host name specified in Debugger, Process Options is "localhost", the PIN
    tool will be executed by IDA. Otherwise IDA expects the PIN tool to be
    already running and listening. Please refer to
    Connecting a remote PIN tool instance from IDA for more details.
    - Debug mode: This flag allows one to see what's happening in the PIN tool
    side. It prints out some debugging information.
    - Extra-arguments: Additional command line arguments to be used when
    constructing the command line to launch PIN locally. The extra arguments can
    be added before the PIN tool specification (before '-t /path/to/pin/tool) or
    after the PIN tool (after '-t /path/to/pin/tool' but before '-- application').
    Please consult the section "Command Line Switches" of the Intel PIN manual
    for more details.
Optionally you can launch PIN yourself and connect to it from IDA. See Connecting a remote PIN tool instance from IDA for more details.
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