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Below is the description of dialog box fields:
 Load address - the paragraph where the file will be loaded.
                Meaningful only for EXE and binary files. For new exe
                files, please use 'manual load' feature.
 Load offset  - relevant only for binary files.
                specifies offset of the first byte from the start of
                the first segment. For example, if load offset=0x2700 and
                load address=0x1000, the first byte of the file will
                be at 1000:2700.
 DLL directory - path where IDA will look up referenced DLL files.
                Note that if IDA finds .IDS file, it does not look for
                .DLL file.
 Create segments        - relevant for binary files.
                          If not checked, IDA does not create segments.
 Load resources         - If not checked, IDA does not load resources from
                          NE files.
 Rename DLL entries     - If not checked, IDA makes repeatable comments
                          for entries imported by ordinals. Otherwise,
                          IDA renames the entries to meaningful names.
 Manual load            - relevant only for NE,LE,LX,ELF files.
                          If checked, IDA will ask loading addresses
                          and selectors for each object of the file.
                          For experienced users only!
 Fill segment gaps      - relevant only for COFF & OMF files.
                          If checked, IDA will fill gaps between
                          segments, creating one big chunk.
                          This option facilitates loading of big
                          object files.
 Make imports section   - relevant only for PE files.
                          If checked, IDA will convert .idata section
                          definitions to "extrn" directives and truncate it.
                          Unfortunately, sometimes there are some additional
                          data in .idata section so you'll need to disable
                          this feature if some information is not loaded
                          into the database.
 Create FLAT group      - relevant only for IBM PC PE files.
                          If checked, IDA will automatically create FLAT
                          group and use its selector as the default value
                          for the segment registers.
 Code segment           - If checked, IDA creates a code but not a data
                          segment. Relevant for processors with different
                          code/data segment addressing schemes (for
                          example, Atmel AVR).
 Loading options        - relevant only ELF,JAVA files.
                          If checked, IDA will ask additional loader
                          options. For experienced users only!
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