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In the graph view, the current function is represented as a collection of nodes linked together with edges. Nodes represent basic blocks and edges represent code cross-references between them.

Only code items are visible in the graph view, data items are hidden. To display them, switch to text mode by pressing Space. The graph view is available for the instructions belonging to functions. IDA automatically switches to text mode if the current item cannot be displayed in graph mode. It also displays a warning, which we recommend to hide away as soon as you become familiar with the concept.

The Space key can be used to toggle between the graph and text views.

Please select one of the following topic to learn more about graphs:

 - The current node
 - Selections in graphs
 - Customizing graph layout
 - Zooming graphs
 - Scrolling graphs
 - Graph node groups
 - Graph overview window
 - Graph colors
 - Graph options
 - Various graph hints
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