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 In the text version of IDA, you can use the following keys:
 Enter          starts a new line
 Ctrl-Enter     finishes the input
 Esc            cancels the input
 F1             gives some help
                                        Shift-<arrow>  Select
 Ctrl-L         Search Again            Shift-Ins       Paste
 Ctrl-O         Indent Mode             Shift-Del       Cut
 Ctrl-T         Delete Word             Ctrl-Ins        Copy
 Ctrl-U         Undo                    Ctrl-Del        Clear
 Ctrl-Y         Delete Line             Ctrl-K B        Start Select
 Ctrl-Left      Word Left               Ctrl-K H        Hide Select
 Ctrl-Right     Word Right
 Ctrl-PgUp      Text Start              Ctrl-Q A        Replace
 Ctrl-PgDn      Text End                Ctrl-Q F        Search
                                        Ctrl-Q H        Delete Line Start
                                        Ctrl-Q Y        Delete Line End
Input containing only whitespaces is equal to an empty input.

Do not forget that you can also use the clipboard.

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