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The following commands work in the list viewers:

1. All usual movement keys: PgUp,PgDn,Home,End and arrows.

2. It is possible to position to a line simply by typing in the desired line number.

3. It is possible to position on a line by typing in its beginning. In this case the user can use: Backspace key to erase the last character typed in. Ctrl-Enter to find another line with the same prefix. Please note that List Viewer ignores the prefix of a line up to the last backslash (\\) or slash (/) if it exists.

4. Alt-T search for a substring (case-insensitive) Ctrl-T repeat last search

5. If the list is not in dialog mode, you can use the following keys: Enter jump to the selected item in the last IDA View window Ctrl-E edit the current item Del delete the current item Ins insert a new item Ctrl-U refresh information in the window

6. Quick filtering is available using Ctrl-F. More complex filters can be defined with a right click (only the GUI mode).

7. The list can be sorted by any column by clicking on it. Please note that maintaining a frequently modified list sorted can be very time consuming, so try not to sort non-modal lists during the initial analysis. (sorting is available only in the GUI mode).

8. Right-click may show additional functionality for the list viewer.

Esc or Enter close modal list viewers.