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 Action    name: DumpDatabase
This command saves current IDA database into a text file.

You can use it as a safety command:

  - to protect your work from disasters
  - to migrate information into new database formats of IDA.
This command is used when you want to switch to a new version of IDA. Usually each new version of IDA has its own database format. To create a new format database, you need:
  1. to issue the 'Dump...' command for the old
     database (using old version of IDA). You will
     get an IDC file containing all information
     from your old database.
  2. to reload your database using new IDA with switch -x.
  3. to compile and execute the IDC file with command
    'Execute IDC file' (usually F2)
Please note that this command does not save everything to text file. Any nformation about the local variables will be lost!

See also other Produce output file commands.

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