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 Action    name: Quit
This command terminates the current IDA session. IDA will write all changes to the disk and will close all databases.

You can enable/disable database packing. When the database is packed, it consists of one file with IDB extension. When the database is not packed, it consists of several files on the disk. If packing is disabled, in the next session you cannot abort IDA. We do not recommend to leave the database in the unpacked form because you will not have a backup copy.

You can also perform garbage collection on the database before packing it. The garbage collection removes the unused database pages, making it smaller. However, IDA needs some free database pages when it works,therefore it will allocate them again when you reuse the database. Removing and adding free pages takes time and, what is most important, it changes the database control blocks.

Use garbage collection only when you do not intend to work with the database in the near future.

IDA will remember all information about the screen, cursor position, jump stack, etc. The following information will be lost:

        keystroke macros,
        the anchor position
To resume a disassembly session simply type: "ida file"

See also

         other File... submenu commands.
         Abort command.
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