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 Action    name: AddEnum
 Action    name: EditEnum
These commands allow you to define and to edit an enum type. You need to specify:
        - name of enum
        - its serial number (1,2...)
        - representation of enum members
Each enum has its ID and a serial number. The ID is a number used to refer to the enum, while a serial number is used to order enums during output. Changing the serial number moves the enum to another place.

The serial number of an enum is displayed at the lower left corner of the window.

You can specify any number as a serial number, IDA will move the enum to the specified place.

        1 - the current enum becomes the first enum
        2 - the current enum becomes the second enum
You also need to specify representation of enum constants. You may choose from various number bases (hex,dec,oct,bin) and character constants.

You may specify the element width or leave it zero. Zero means the element width is not specified. The allowed widths are the powers of 2 in the range of 1..64.

Please note that you can create bitfield definitions here by checking the "bitfield" checkbox.

These command is available when you open the enums window.

See also

         Edit|Enums submenu.
         How to Enter a Number.
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