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The segment class name identifies the segment with a class name (such as CODE, FAR_DATA, or STACK). The linker places segments with the same class name into a contiguous range of memory in the runtime memory map.

Changing the segment class changes only the segment definition on the screen. There are the following predefined segment class names:

        CODE    -       Pure code
        DATA    -       Pure data
        CONST   -       Pure data
        BSS     -       Uninitialized data
        STACK   -       Uninitialized data
        XTRN    -       Extern definitions segment
If you change segment class and the segment type is "Regular", then the segment type will be changed accordingly.

In order to set the segment type "Regular", you should change the segment class to "UNK".

NOTE: Segment class names are never deleted. Once you define a segment class name, you cannot reuse it as a name of another object.

See also other SegEdit form fields.

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