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IDA can display a list of the program segments. Each segment is represented by a line in the list. Please note that the end address of the segment never belongs to the segment in IDA.

The following segment attributes are visible:

  Name          Segment name
  Start         Virtual start address
  End           Virtual end address (address past the end of the segment)
  R             'R': readable,      '.': not readable,   '?':unknown
  W             'W': writable,      '.': not writable,   '?':unknown
  X             'X': executable,    '.': not executable, '?':unknown
  D             'D': debugger only, '.': regular
  L             'L': created by loader, '.': no
  Align         Segment alignment
  Base          Segment base selector or address
  Type          Segment type
  Class         Segment class
  AD            Segment addressing width
The rest of the columns display the default values of the segment registers for the segment.

By default, the cursor is located on the current segment.

You can use normal cursor movement keys and the mouse. You can also search for the segment by pressing Alt-T, ordirectly jump to the desired line by typing in its number.

Press <Enter> to select line, <Esc> to cancel the selection.

See also other segment related commands

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