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 Action    name: OpenFunctions
A list of all functions in the program is displayed. You can add, delete, modify functions using list viewer commands.

Listed for each function are:

        - function name
        - segment that contains the function
        - offset of the function within the segment
        - function length in bytes
        - size (in bytes) of local variables + saved registers
        - size (in bytes) of arguments passed to the function
The last column of this window has the following format:
        R - function returns to the caller
        F - far function
        L - library function
        S - static function
        B - BP based frame. IDA will automatically convert
            all frame pointer [BP+xxx] operands to stack
        T - function has type information
        = - Frame pointer is equal to the initial stack pointer
            In this case the frame pointer points to the bottom of the frame
        M - reserved
        S - reserved
        I - reserved
        C - reserved
        D - reserved
        V - reserved
If a function has its color set, its line is colored using the specified color. Otherwise library and lumina functions are colored with the corresponding color. Otherwise the line is not colored.

A bold font is used for functions that have definite (user-specified) prototype. Also some plugins too may set this flag. Such prototypes are taken as is by the decompiler, while other prototypes are considered only as a starting point during decompilation.

It is possible to automatically synchronize the function list with the active disassembler, pseudocode, or hex view. For that right click on the function list and select "Turn on synchronization".

See also View|Open subviews submenu.

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