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 Action    name: SetDemangledNames
IDA can demangle mangled C++ names of the most popular C++ compilers:
        - Microsoft
        - Borland
        - Watcom
        - Visual Age
        - GNU
The demangled names are represented in two forms: short and long form. The short form is used when a name is used as a reference, the long form is used at the declaration.

You can set how demangled C++ names must be represented:

        - as comments. this representation allows you to obtain
          recompilable source text
        - instead of mangled names. this representation makes the output
          more readable. the disadvantage is that you cannot recompile the
        - don't display demangled names.
You can setup short and long forms of demangled names. Short form is used when a reference to the name is made; long form is used at the declaration.

To make demangled names more readable, we introduce the possibility to suppress pointer modifiers (near/far/huge).

To demangle GNU C v3.x names, the "Assume GCC v3.x names" checkbox should be set, otherwise such names might not be demangled. furthermore, to make the demangled name more compact, unsigned types may be displayed as uchar, uint, ushort, ulong. The same with signed basic types.

If the "Override type info" checkbox is set, the demangled name overrides the type information if both are present.

See also How to customize demangled names

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