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 Action    name: SetStrlitStyle
With this dialog you can setup string styles and also create a new string immediately at the current location.

The following string styles are defined:

      C-style (zero-terminated)
      DOS style ($ terminated)
      Pascal style (one byte length prefix)
      Wide pascal (two-byte length prefix)
      Delphi (four-byte length prefix)
      Unicode (UTF-16)
      Unicode pascal style (two-byte length prefix)
      Unicode wide pascal style (four-byte length prefix)
      Character terminated
If you select "character terminated" string style then you may specify up to 2 termination characters. The string will be terminated by any of these characters. If the second character is equal to 0, then it is ignored.

In IDA Qt you can also set a specific encoding to be used to display the string, or change the defaults for all strings. See string encodings.

See also Options submenu.

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