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 Action    name: SetupData
This command allows you to select the data types used in the round-robin carousel in MakeData command.

Valid data types are:

        - byte
        - word          (2 bytes)
        - double word   (4 bytes)
        - float         (4 bytes)
        - quadro word   (8 bytes)
        - double        (8 bytes)
        - long double   (10 or 12 bytes)
        - packed real   (10 or 12 bytes)
        - octa word     (16 bytes)
Naturally, not all data types are usable for all processors. For example, Intel 8051 processor doesn't have the 'double word' type.

Furthermore, this command allows you to select a data type for the current undefined item and convert it to data.

Please note that if the current processor does not support a data type, you cannot assign it even if you have selected it. If you unselect all data types, IDA will use the 'byte' type.

See also Options submenu.

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