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Flags for named types


#define NTF_TYPE   0x0001
 type name
#define NTF_SYMU   0x0008
 symbol, name is unmangled ('func')
#define NTF_SYMM   0x0000
 symbol, name is mangled ('_func'); only one of NTF_TYPE and NTF_SYMU, NTF_SYMM can be used
#define NTF_NOBASE   0x0002
 don't inspect base tils (for get_named_type)
#define NTF_REPLACE   0x0004
 replace original type (for set_named_type)
#define NTF_UMANGLED   0x0008
 name is unmangled (don't use this flag)
#define NTF_NOCUR   0x0020
 don't inspect current til file (for get_named_type)
#define NTF_64BIT   0x0040
 value is 64bit
#define NTF_FIXNAME   0x0080
 force-validate the name of the type when setting (set_named_type, set_numbered_type only)
#define NTF_IDBENC   0x0100
 the name is given in the IDB encoding; non-ASCII bytes will be decoded accordingly (set_named_type, set_numbered_type only)
#define NTF_CHKSYNC   0x0200
 check that synchronization to IDB passed OK (set_numbered_type, set_named_type)
#define NTF_NO_NAMECHK   0x0400
 do not validate type name (set_numbered_type, set_named_type)
#define NTF_NOSYNC   0x0800
 do not sync type to IDB *- (set_named_type, set_numbered_type only) *-
#define NTF_COPY   0x1000
 save a new type definition, not a typeref (tinfo_t::set_numbered_type, tinfo_t::set_named_type)

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